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Whether You Stan Uncle Joe or Not, These Joe Biden Memes Will Make You LOL



Remember back in 2016 when everybody loved Joe Biden and couldn't stop turning him and Barack Obama into adorable memes? Man, what a difference a few years make. While the presumptive Democratic nominee has fallen out of favor with a good portion of progressive voters over the past couple of years, people on both side of the fence have to admit the former vice president is very memeable. He's spawned countless meme personas, from Sad Biden to Creepy Biden. Whether or not you're juiced to vote for him in November, at least a few of these Joe Biden memes will make you chuckle. Some are critical, many are affectionate, but they're all pretty hilarious.

Creepy Joe Biden memes.

There's just no way to avoid talking about it. Joe is pretty creepy with women, as moments like the one above demonstrate. He has a tendency to be a close talker, rub women's shoulders, sniff their hair, and generally invade their personal space in a way that has launched a thousand "creepy Joe Biden" memes.

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This is a twofer, since the joke about Bernie supporters is that they want everything for free. Well, while Biden may not be in favor of Medicare for All or free college, he does have something free for ya.

Not sure that's proper PPE, Joe. Not only does that not appear to be an N95 mask but it's, uh... missing something.

Before creepy Joe, we had Prankster Joe Biden memes.

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Perhaps the originator of Prankster Joe is The Onion, and one writer for the site has essentially apologized for making Biden a lovable and harmless meme, saying he regrets that they didn't "go harder" on the things that are problematic about the Democratic nominee. But nevertheless, the memes live on, several years after the end of the Obama presidency. 

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In this particular brand of Joe Biden meme, which came about during the months before Trump took office, the joke was Joe setting up the incoming president to fail while a more mature Barack Obama chides his veep for his pranks.

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This picture of the 44th president and his running mate probably doesn't depict Obama pinching the bridge of his nose in exasperation with Joe, but plenty of people took it there with their meme captions.

Whispering Joe Biden memes also made the rounds.

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In a few of this subgenre of Biden memes, Joe appears to be sharing a secret with Obama, whose expression seems to have the furrowed brow of a guy just on the edge of losing all patience.

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Whatever plan meme Joe is hatching, it's usually sophomoric but honestly pretty funny.

Remember the birther movement?

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2016 already seems like 20 years ago, so you'll be forgiven if you'd forgotten how the current president fueled conspiracy theories that Hawaii-born Obama was actually born in Kenya and a practicing Muslim — neither of which is true. Trump even led the call for the president to reveal his birth certificate to prove he was a natural born citizen. In this meme, Joe decides to mess with their successor with a few strategically placed props.

And then there's sad Joe Biden.

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Another popular brand of Biden meme features this photo of a somber-looking Joe staring out a window in the West Wing. Usually, the caption shows Joe reflecting on yet another awesome idea Barack has shot down. It's not easy being number 2.

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