LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow Is a NFL Star in the Making

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 28 2021, Updated 4:42 p.m. ET

joe burrow
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Joe Burrow's got all of the makings to become a top NFL star. He's a heck of a good quarterback who absolutely crushed it in his second and final season for Louisiana State University throwing for over 5,600 yards and 60 touchdowns. The number of TDs, by the way? Yeah, that was the most thrown in one season in the NCAA's FBS history. Pretty darn good, right?

Naturally, there are tons of franchises that are looking at Joe and rubbing their hands in anticipation.

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So with the upcoming 2020 draft, there's been a lot of talk about not just where Joe's going to end up team-wise, but all the different trading maneuvers and organizational bargaining that'll occur as a result of his "christening," if you will, into the big leagues.

The Miami Dolphins have reportedly been trying to vie for a better draft pick than the No. 5 spot they currently have, and they've reached out to the Cincinnati Bengals on multiple occasions in an attempt to secure their No. 1 pick.

joe burrow masters
Source: Instagram
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The Bengals were not willing to negotiate with the Dolphins. It seems like they've got their eyes set on Joe Burrow, who many believe is poised to be the league's next great quarterback. 

Miami's also been in negotiations with the Detroit Lions, who have a No. 3 draft pick themselves. Motor City's playing it smart, however, as they've been attempting to start a bidding war between the Giants and the Dolphins for their No. 3 draft pick.

Joe Burrow isn't just a jock; he's got a Master's degree.

One of the biggest "open secrets" about college sports is that the players, who are students, really aren't students. Most just glide on by in their classes without having to put in that much work academically. Joe, less than a week after winning the Heisman Trophy, took the stage to accept his Master's degree in Liberal Arts from LSU. 

Interestingly enough, during Joe's graduation speech he elected to speak about the community rather than this own exploits.

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"When Joe Burrow was on the national stage giving his speech after receiving the Heisman, he chose not to speak about himself and his success but rather about our community and the challenges we face. Shortly thereafter, over $450,000 was raised for the Athens County Food Pantry," school board member Sean Parsons said.

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Who is Joe Burrow's girlfriend?

Olivia Holzmacher met Joe while he was still enrolled at Ohio State University and the two have been an item ever since. They've been dating for about two and a half years, and she was a data analytics major at OSU. 

She's Joe's self-proclaimed "No. 1 fan" and in addition to pursuing a career in her degree studies, she's partnered with Verb Energy bars, so she makes some endorsement money off that.

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joe burrow girlfriend
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Jimmy and Robin Burrow, Joe's parents, are part of a football lineage too.

Jimmy played pigskin just like Joe and was drafted to the Green Bay Packers in the 1976 NFL Draft as a No. 8 pick. He was eventually traded to the Canadian Football League after only three games, and he enjoyed playing five seasons with the CFL before transitioning to coaching at Ohio State University. 

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He officially retired from the coaching life in 2019. Jimmy says that for 51 years, he was either practicing on a field, playing on it, or coaching a team. His mom, Robin, revealed a rather embarrassing fact about Joe: she used to drive from Athens, Ohio to Columbus to do his laundry. 

joe burrow parents
Source: Instagram
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Joe, who's obsessed with health and clean eating, said that the biggest problem he faced was getting non-fried food on campus. So he learned to cook for himself once he went to LSU, and, of course, wash his own clothes.

Joe's brothers, Jamie and Dan, both played college ball for Nebraska.

It seems like Joe's entire family is comprised of athletes, as his older brothers, who come from a previous marriage of Jimmy's, were both successful football players and helped influence Joe's extremely physical style of playing the game. Jimmy would like to see Joe "slide" more instead of going head-on into tackles, but it doesn't seem like that interests Joe much.

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joe burrow father
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He has nearly 1 million Instagram followers, despite not going pro yet.

If you ever had any doubt about the fervor surrounding Joe Burrow's inauguration into the NFL, you'd just need to take one look at his Instagram account to see that the star quarterback has an insane following of dedicated fans. If you were trying to cast for an "All American" quarterback in a movie, you don't need to look further than Joe, either.

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Joe Burrow's net worth is a mystery.

While college football players aren't allowed to earn a paycheck, there's been lots of reports over the years exposing how university ballers are "indirectly" paid "under the table". That being said, all of that cashflow is kept hush-hush, so there really is no telling how much Joe's worth right now.

What team are you hoping will inevitably snatch up Joe Burrow? Personally, I'm hoping he finds his way to the Vegas Raiders, but that is probably never going to happen.

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