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Source: Youtube

Joe Rogan's Endorsement of Bernie Sanders Has Been Labeled "Controversial"


Joe Rogan is an enigma. When you think of stand-up comedians, you don't really picture dudes with eight-packs who could probably kick your butt five weeks from Sunday. Nor do you think of hosts of TV shows who make people eat bugs and jump out of moving airplanes, or guys who commentate on cage fighting, or openly laud the benefits of psychotropic drugs like mushrooms and DMT. Which is why he's such an interesting individual who is never afraid to speak his mind, which usually sparks controversy.

It's why Joe doesn't really fall into a particular "movement" or political bubble, which allows his guests to come from pretty much everywhere. He's had everyone from Alex Jones to Elon Musk on his podcast and a large number of political movers and shakers. His most high profile guest quite possibly has to be Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders who has amassed a cult-like following online, much like Rogan himself.