'Bachelor' Fans Have Thoughts About What Daisy and Joey Did on Their First One-on-One

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Jan. 30 2024, Updated 7:01 a.m. ET

Joey and Daisy on their first date on the bachelor
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The first one-on-one date in a Bachelor season is a big deal. And when Daisy Kent hears her name and her name alone on the date card in the Jan. 29 episode, the weight of that isn't lost on her. But Joey and Daisy's first date on The Bachelor probably isn't the best for Daisy specifically, and it has some fans talking.

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Daisy was diagnosed with Lyme disease as a teenager. As a result, she dealt with a series of other health issues, and she woke up one morning unable to hear as well as she had before. After undergoing treatment, her health improved, but she still requires a cochlear implant. And the date producers planned for her and Joey could have been a disaster for her in regards to hearing.

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Joey and Daisy's first date on 'The Bachelor' brought out some fan reactions.

Prior to Daisy and Joey's date, Joey doesn't yet know about Daisy's cochlear implant. She wants to use the date as the opportunity to explain everything to him, but before that happens, Daisy and Joey board a private helicopter. Since helicopters are loud and require headphones to communicate with other people inside of it, Daisy is immediately worried.

And on Twitter, some fans were quick to point out the helicopter debacle and why it may not have been the best option for Daisy and Joey's solo date on The Bachelor. Yes, we see it work out for them both. However, the worry shows in Daisy's face right away as she tells producers about her concerns in an in-the-moment interview.

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It is entirely possible that the first one-on-one date was planned without a specific contestant in mind. But when Daisy learns where she and Joey are headed for the next part of their date, a music festival, it creates more concern. And rightfully so.

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One fan tweeted, "Sooo let me get this right… Bachelor producers put Daisy, who has a hearing impairment, on a date in a HELICOPTER and then to a MUSIC FESTIVAL…" Another shared, "Which Bachelor producer thought it would be a good idea to put Daisy, who has a hearing impairment, IN A HELICOPTER FOR HER DATE?!?"

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And it's hard not to wonder (again) what producers were thinking with this kind of date for Daisy specifically. In the end, Daisy is able to chat with Joey, and they even get to dance together on-stage while a band performs. But Daisy's concerns are very real right off the bat, and Bachelor fans can sympathize with that.

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Daisy opens up to Joey about her cochlear implant on ''The Bachelor.'

When Daisy finally gets the chance to explain to Joey the details about her hearing, her implant, and her previous health struggles, it seems to bring them closer together. Daisy explains to Joey that ever since she spent 30 days at a clinic in Germany, she has been healthy. Now, she uses her experience and her life with a cochlear implant to help children through a nonprofit organization.

While some Bachelor fans might still question Daisy's first date with Joey and some better options for them, Daisy leaves the solo date with a rose and a kiss. You can't really get any better than that.

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