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Reddit Thinks Johannah Duggar Is Being Courted — Even Though She's Only 15

Gina Vaynshteyn - Author

May 23 2021, Published 2:14 p.m. ET

In late April 2021, Josh Duggar was arrested for possessing child pornography. This isn't the first time the Counting On family has made headlines for shocking reasons, and it likely won't be the last, given their reputation. Over the last couple weeks, rumors about Johannah Duggar being courted have surfaced. Reddit users, fans, and unverified sources alike have been weighing in on the possibility that the 15-year-old is currently being courted.

Here's what you need to know.

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Is Johannah Duggar being courted?

As of now, it hasn't been confirmed if Johannah Duggar is being courted. However, there are rumors about the 15-year-old being set up with an almost 20-year-old named Carver Bowers. Reddit users say they've seen social media posts that feature Johannah and Carver hanging out, and that she even went on a road trip with him and some family members. Some wonder if this means that this is a "pre-courtship" since Johannah is so young. 

johannah brother
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Johannah and Jackson

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Pre-courtship is when people casually spend time together to feel out whether or not they're a good match. Sometimes, the pre-courtship "couple" is considered to be "special friends." This is something the Bates family, a family that belongs in the same Christian ministry as the Duggars, practice. But it's unclear if Johannah is even being pre-courted.

Source: Instagram
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"I saw someone on FSU talking about how Johannah was supposedly pre-courting some kid named Carver? And he was a huge MAGA-ite and had Trump sh-t everywhere. I really hope it's not true, she was always so spunky and I want her to get out so bad," the Redditor who started the thread wrote.

Another Redditor claims that there are photos of Johannah and Carver that stem back from August 2020, which would make her 14 when that was going on. "And there are pictures of them going back to last August ... when she would have been 14," they wrote.

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One person wrote, "There’s this one pic of carver and his brothers and dad standing with the post girls and JB. It looks like a post betrothal agreement pic. It was taken after the bowers slept over at the TTH. I think around 2019." This is likely the photo they're talking about:

carver photo
Source: Instagram
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According to Carver's Instagram, he's a solo-piano artist, entrepreneur, and singer for the family musical group, Bowers Family Singers.

carver and grandpa
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Carver and his grandfather

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One source has spoken up about the potential courting, and claims that this isn't what's happening, though. The source spoke with Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball.

Katie wrote"Johanna has friends in Iowa – over the spring she attended a wedding & stayed with a family that the Duggars are friends with – Jackson was also with her. The photos circulating are from the wedding. She sang a song with him & 3 others. She also was seen in a car with him."

She continued: "My source says that Johanna is not courting anyone & not interested in Carver. They claim that she likes someone else, which was not disclosed. Carver may be photographed with her & may have interest in her, that part I could not confirm. However, Johanna was not at the wedding to see Carver, it was a mutual friend. They stayed with another family – not the Bowers. So, no, there is no truth to the rumor that Johanna is courting or even pre-courting Carver."

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Katie also added that Jim Bob would likely never allow a courtship at this age, and that he's very protective: "I’m told that Jim Bob is way too protective & controlling to allow this at her age. I’m also told that Johanna’s cellphone is allegedly closely monitored by Jim Bob. My source says that Jim Bob won’t even allow friends to have Johanna’s number."

jim bob michele
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Jim Bob and Michelle

The Duggars have not made any statements concerning Johannah or any potential courtships.

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