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Source: Getty Images

Judy Garland's Former Lover Reveals Intimate Details About Her Final Months


There are few Hollywood stars who have been as beloved as Judy Garland. She started out as a vaudeville performer with her two older sisters, then quickly shot to stardom after playing Dorothy Gale in Wizard of Oz. Over the course of her 45-year career, she sang, danced, and acted her way into the hearts of millions and saw her name in lights all over the world. Sadly, she also suffered gravely. Hers is a story of extreme talent and extreme tragedy.

In recent years, the public has begun to learn more about who Judy truly was — she was so much more than just the young girl who sang “Over the Rainbow.” Judy battled an addiction to drugs, was often criticized and manipulated by film executives who wanted to change her appearance, and struggled with financial instability despite being one of the world’s most successful performers.