Jon Stewart Opens a Twitter Account — Gains Over 600k Followers in a Day

Jon Stewart just opened a Twitter account in 2021, and it looks like the impetus was to comment on the Robinhood GameStop fiasco.

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Jan. 29 2021, Published 8:43 p.m. ET

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Notable celebrities and public figures are always quick to hop on the latest social media platforms for the most part. One reason is to "reserve" their usernames and ensure some troll account isn't pretending to be them on the internet.

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The second is because it's a great way to connect with fans, collect secondary income, and promote whatever new thing you're working on. And you would think that comedian Jon Stewart, who turned The Daily Show into an absolute juggernaut for Comedy Central, would be on Twitter, but he wasn't until Jan. 28, 2021. 

Jon Stewart's first post on Twitter had to do with the Robinhood GameStop fiasco.

Jon Stewart's net worth is a whopping $120 million, so it's not like the guy needed a social media account to sell fit teas or Manuka honey supplements. The man pretty much redefined what politically-charged comedy looks like for TV and The Daily Show helped to spawn several other series like it. The program's still going strong with Trevor Noah, who's helped to usher in other "correspondents" who have also gone on to have awesome careers of their own.

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One would think that Jon would be bursting at the seams to share his ideas on a social media platform like Twitter, calling people out left and right like he did on Crossfire when he basically called Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala hacks live on air. It's still one of the more glorious moments of incredible ownage that's ever occurred on national television.

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Jon walked onto their show and said that their bi-partisan methodologies basically trained people into thinking they're either going to be ride-or-die Republican or ride-or-die Democratic while easily skipping over something that's oft-overlooked: common sense. As Paul and Tucker attempted to stick to their script that was clearly not working, Jon handily, point by point, dealt with everything they threw at him.

It's because of this masterclass and thorough understanding of the sensationalism of supposedly trustworthy media outlets that many people thought Jon would've been on Twitter sooner, but it appears that he had to log on to comment on the "Reddit Rebellion" against hedge funds that saw tons of Robinhood app users buy massive stock quantities of floundering companies that were being shorted by financial institutions.

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The act caused billions of dollars in losses for hedge funds, drawing a line in the sand for Robinhood: Would they cave into pressure from "Big Wall Street" and disallow shareholders from buying stocks in the shorted companies hedge funds took massive losses in? Or would they apply the same rules that these hedge funds play by for "the little guys"?

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Robinhood chose the former, which is causing outrage online from politicians, celebrities, and pretty much everyone who isn't benefiting from shorting these companies.

Jon Stewart pointed out the double standard himself: If financial institutions can manipulate the market as they see fit and get away with it, why can't large groups of people pooling their income together do the same thing?

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Yes, Jon Stewart is now officially on Twitter and he was welcomed with open arms.

The response to Jon joining Twitter was massive, and he gathered over 600,000 followers in a single day. As of this writing, he has nearly 866,000 followers and his tweets are hilarious.

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Arby's welcomed him to Twitter, and, in true Daily Show form, he decided to dunk on the fast food chain, for old time's sake.

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