JonBenét Ramsey May Have Been Killed Over a Bowl of Pineapple, According to a Theory

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Feb. 25 2021, Updated 1:54 p.m. ET

JonBenet Ramsey
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The theories surrounding the unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey are truly never-ending, from an electrician gone rogue to the parents committing homicide. But one widely-believed hypothesis that seems to have a decent amount of merit is a theory about a bowl of pineapple that her older brother, Burke, had.

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The infamous pineapple bowl theory — like most theories regarding JonBenét Ramsey's murder — is seriously stomach-churning. That being said, here's how an innocent late-night snack may have played into the child's devastating death.

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How would a bowl of pineapple relate to JonBenét's Ramsey's death?

The alibi given by JonBenét's parents stated they returned home from a Christmas party, and JonBenét and Burke went to bed immediately after, according to Bustle. However, the autopsy may have said otherwise. The coroner, John Meyer, apparently found pineapple in JonBenét's Ramsey's stomach, which suggests she may have eaten after returning from the party, and apparently, a bowl of pineapple and milk was found in the Ramsey kitchen. However, her mother, Patsy, denied JonBenét's pineapple consumption.

Many believe that Burke was consuming that bowl of pineapple as a late-night snack, according to Vice, and apparently, in archived interviews, he's acknowledged that he and JonBenét Ramsey loved pineapple. However, when asked about the bowl of fruit in question, Burke apparently pretended not to recognize the bowl and seemed nervous when it was mentioned.

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Based on theories that Burke had been repeatedly violent toward his sister, and due to the fact he apparently hit her with a golf club a week before her death, experts believe he may have hit her with a blunt object after she snatched a piece of pineapple for herself, accidentally or purposefully, cracking her skull and killing her. 

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It's then believed that JonBenét Ramsey's parents staged the killing to protect their son.

Although it was initially thought JonBenét Ramsey could have been killed in a home invasion, the possibility was almost totally ruled out by other evidence, which made the pineapple theory increasingly plausible. According to Daily Mail, experts believe the parents found out that Burke killed JonBenét Ramsey and covered it up with a phony ransom note and a 911 call. The parents, however, were deemed innocent a long time ago.

JonBenét and Burke's father, John Ramsey, is alive and was living with his third wife, Jan Rousseaux, as of 2017, though Patsy passed away in 2006 after being diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. In 2016, Burke was interviewed by Dr. Phil, and despite the theories he may have killed his sister, he seemed relatively comfortable, smiling through awkward questions, and reiterating the fact that he had nothing to do with his sister's death. 

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"You won't find any evidence because that's not what happened." At the time, he also suggested the murderer was "probably some pedophile in the pageant audience."

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The bowl of pineapple may or may not have played a major part in JonBenét Ramsey's death, but what really happened will forever be a mystery... that is, until someone comes clean.

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