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18 Hilarious 4th of July Memes That Will Make You Explode with Laughter


For many, 4th of July is *the* day to go all out. American flag T-shirt, Budweiser beer (or any other American beer brands), patriotic face glitter, and spending an entire paycheck or two on fireworks (legally, hopefully). Which is totally great, because America is awesome and it deserves to be celebrated. But if you're more into subtle celebrations, may we suggest these hilarious 4th of July memes? Share them with friends, save them as your wallpaper...This is America. You get to do whatever the heck you want, whenever the heck you want! 

1. 4th of July's nickname is definitely "Exploding Christmas."


We love 4th of July. And we love Christmas. But isn't the 4th just a louder (and less Jesus-y) Christmas? Kind of?