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A Jungle Cruise Boat Just Sank at Walt Disney World and Twitter Is Having a Magical Field Day



We've heard that the captain goes down with the ship, but do Jungle Cruise riders have to go down with their boat? On Feb. 27, riders of the famous Walt Disney World ride were left soaked after their boat, well, sank. It's not exactly the experience you expect to have at Walt Disney World, but, hey, it makes for a great story.

Which is why, when Matthew Vince took to Twitter to post about what happened, he started a whirlwind of memes at Disney's expense, because really, what the heck, Disney? But also, if you told us that this was some really strange advertisement for the upcoming movie based on the sunken ride, we'd probably believe it. 

Since posting his story on Twitter, he managed to get Jungle Cruise trending with an array of memes and comments that are far funnier than anything any Jungle Cruise Skipper has ever said. 

Here are some of the best responses to Walt Disney World's Jungle Cruise boat sinking.

Because, honestly, these jokes write themselves.

We guess the Jungle Cruise skipper goes down with the ship too.

RIP cap'n. Also, this whole thread is incredible.

Those passengers better be making bank.

We like the thought process here, but is your ghost about to sue them?

Imagine getting in a Jungle Cruise boat and your captain says they're your "swim instructor."

We'd be out of that boat before you could say "Trader Sam".

It's been 84 years....

And we could still feel that nasty water all over our jeans.

Poor Bob.

Bob Chapek's tenure as Disney's CEO is...umm...starting off great.

He's correct either way.

Hey, cool, Disney brought back 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!

Honestly, though, Disney could lie and say it is.

If they've never been on it before, who's to say it isn't?

Our hearts will go on.

Jungle Cruise will not.

Yeah, seriously, Disney is just trying to give the people what they want.

Make up your minds, people!

This is funny...

But here's hoping all those animals actually are fake.

Interesting plot.

Apparently the Rock and Emily Blunt team up to save tourists from the skipper's notoriously bad jokes.

They were given great material.

If the skipper did this, we'd be next in line to ride, sunken boat or not. That skipper would deserve a raise.

For real though.

The water is five feet deep, guys. You're fine.

Thanks to Disney, some kids will never be able to look at hippos again.

Honestly, though, want to go down an internet black hole? Enjoy some of Disney's best (most traumatizing?) fails.

Ah, a joke a true skipper would be proud of.

We would say this joke went over swimmingly.

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