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Source: Instagram

Justin Bieber Talks About His Recovery Process


After a long hiatus, Justin Bieber is finally back. Not only does he have new music coming our way, in addition to the two new singles he's just put out, but he's also sharing a docuseries, titled Seasons, detailing where he's been these past few years and how he's gotten where he is now.

The last few years have been full of recovery for Justin, who has recently tried to reclaim himself after a string of bad publicity. Recently, he's opened up about his struggles with alcohol and Xanax.

Justin Bieber initially talked about addiction and recovery in his Vogue interview.

It's no secret that Justin was openly struggling for a period of time. Between peeing in a restaurant mop bucket, getting a DUI for drag racing while under the influence, and egging his neighbor's house, Justin was clearly struggling personally. It was after this string of negative media attention leading up to the release of his last album, Purpose, that he decided to take a break.