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Gone Too Soon: The Deaths of These K-Pop Stars Have Plagued Fans


While K-Pop has taken the world by storm, there's a darker component of the trend that is plaguing some of its biggest stars. Just months after singer Sulli committed suicide, one of her closest friends, Goo Hara, has also died. 

The women were two of K-Pop's top female artists, and the details surrounding their untimely deaths have some calling out for changes. The pressures on K-Pop artists to deliver catchy new music frequently, and to compete with each other, are just two of the many struggles that artists like Goo Hara and Sulli dealt with.

The recent K-Pop deaths have rocked the niche industry, and they have fans concerned. 

1. Goo Hara

Source: Getty

Goo Hara became a member of the girl group Kara at the age of 17 in 2008 after another member left the band. After her success with the group, she embarked on a solo career, and she even had her own reality show, On & Off. She was often the subject of media criticism, especially after she admitted to getting cosmetic facial surgery in 2010. In the years after, she said that the online hate she received was difficult for her. 

She dated hairstylist Choi Jong-bum until he assaulted her in her home in 2018. Her gruesome injuries included multiple internal and external sprains. He later threatened to release an intimate video of the pair that could threaten her career. He was sentenced to over a year in prison.

Goo attempted suicide in May of 2019, just a month after Choi Jong-bum's first trial. Afterward, she apologized to fans and said she was focused on new music. She died on Nov. 24, and while her death is still under investigation, she reportedly left a note behind in her apartment.