'Love & Translation': Kahlil and Jhenyfer Have Opposing Views on Marriage (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jan. 26 2024, Published 5:03 p.m. ET

(l-r): Kahlil and Jhenypher from 'Love & Translation'
Source: TLC

On TLC's Love & Translation, three American men travel to the Dominican Republic to meet 12 single women who could be the girl of their dreams. And while the premise sounds like a dream come true for some men, it wouldn't be a reality TV show without a twist. In Love & Translation's case, the catch is that none of the women can speak English and have little to no idea what the men are saying.

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As you can imagine, having a significant language barrier makes it difficult for romantic hopefuls to communicate. In episode 1 of the series, the guys were tasked to use other methods of communication. In an exclusive clip from the second episode of the season, one of the bachelors, Kahlil, tries to connect with one of the Jhenyfer, one of the singles who hails from Brazil.

Kahlil and Jhenyfer already know they speak different languages. However, after briefly discussing their possible future, they realized they were not on the same page.

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(l-r): Kahlil and Jhenypher from 'Love & Translation'
Source: TLC

Kahlil and Jhenyfer have very different ideas about marriage on 'Love & Translation' Season 1

Kahlil, who is from Texas, came on Love & Translation looking for someone he hoped to build a long-term relationship with. In Season 1, Ep. 2, "You Had Me at Bonjour," Kahlil wonders if he's met his match in Jhenypher. Unfortunately, it didn't take even the most skilled translator to see that Jhenypher doesn't see a future with Kahlil.

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In a clip from Sunday's episode, Kahlil and Jhenypher sit next to a lake and attempt to have a one-on-one conversation. The convo begins with them understanding one another until Kahlil brings up the possibility of them getting married.

While using his hands, Kahlil asks Jhenypher if she's looking for marriage during her time in the competition. Jhenypher looks puzzled at first as she gestures to his wedding ring finger.

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When Jhenypher realizes what Kahlil is asking, she asks if he's asking her about marriage as she looks stunned by the possibility. Kahlil replies yes, then makes the ring gesture again and asks Jhenypher, "Are you looking for marriage here?" Jhenypher says she is absolutely not looking to get a husband from the competition. She also mentions that she's surprised Kahlil brought up marriage, seeing as though they had only recently met each other.

"I don't know you," Jhenypher says to Kahlil.

The camera then pans to Jhenypher sharing in a confessional that, not only does she not see wedding bells in her and Kahlil's future, she also doesn't think he's her next boyfriend. She says in the clip she doesn't think she and Kahlil are a match, and said she only sees a platonic relationship with him.

"The connection I am feeling with him is the same as the one I felt on the activity of staring into each other's eyes," Jhenypher said. "Which is a friend connection and not a love connection."

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Kahlil also said he's not sure if Jhenypher is the woman for him either. He said he feels "disappointed" that she isn't seeing the experience as a way to find a family, something he ultimately wants.

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"It's definitely disappointing to think that she doesn't want marriage or even a kid," Kahlil admits. "That's really what I'm here for. I just wish Jhenypher was on the same page as me."

While Kahlil and Jhenypher might not be each other's match, they both have multiple options. And, after spending some more time together, we may see more sparks between them in future episodes!

Make sure to stay tuned for new episodes of Love & Translation airing Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC!

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