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Source: Instagram

Did Kaitlin Bennett Poop Her Pants? Rumors Are Swirling About the "Kent State Gun Girl"


Plenty of people likely remember the name Kaitlin Bennett — aka "Kent State Gun Girl" — from the viral photo she posted in May 2018. You know, the one in which she's holding her graduation cap in one hand and has an AR-10 rifle slung over her shoulder in the other. Yeah, that Kaitlin.

Well, the right-wing gun/anti-abortion activist is trending yet again. Except this time, it's because she posted a video herself interviewing college students and failing to get them to agree with her transphobic viewpoints. Rumors surrounding a report that she pooped herself at a party are now resurfacing because of it.

With this in mind, let's take a look at why the internet is so obsessed with the possibility of Kaitlin crapping her pants in public.