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Source: Instagram

Kamiyah Mobley Has Agreed to Move in With Her Biological Parents


Kamiyah Mobley was kidnapped on July 10, 1998, only eight hours after she was born. She was raised by her abductor, Gloria Williams, who had two other children from her marriage with Wernoskie Williams. 

The exact details of the heinous crime were found out in January 2017, just after the 19-year-old Kamiyah graduated from high school. The young adult came forward to defend Williams on many occasions, insisting that she raised her with everything she needed. 

Where is Kamiyah Mobley now? 

So, where is Kamiyah Mobley now?

Kamiyah took part in dozens of television programs following Williams' arrest. She gave interviews on shows like Today, Good Morning America, and WCBD News 2

Viewers anticipated her to speak out against her difficult upbringing, voice negative opinions about Williams, or express how much she enjoyed spending time with her real family. Instead, she took these opportunities to defend her abductor, describing how grateful she was to have her as her mother.