Kayla From 'Street Outlaws' Is Dead Set on Becoming the First Female Top-Ranked Drag Racer

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jul. 31 2020, Updated 1:33 p.m. ET

Discovery's Street Outlaws has amassed a huge following because it blends the thrill of drag racing while highlighting the colorful personalities of the drivers who are crazy enough to get into the make-cars-go-very-fast-in-a-straight-line-business for a living.

Kayla Morton is one of those personalities. With over 10 years of drag racing experience on both the strips and the streets, she's got the stripes and know-how to race with the best of them.

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It also doesn't hurt that Kayla's father, Stanley, was a professional racer and that she grew up with him in the garage and learned how to work on engines from a very young age. In addition to being featured on Street Outlaws and drag-racing cars, Kayla also earns a living for herself by building motors, but being in the driver's seat for herself was almost like destiny.

The SO-OKC website writes, "She showed up at Big Chief and Murder Nova’s doorstep looking to Dyno a car for 'her peoples.''

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It didn't take long for "The Midwest Streetcars crew [to know] something was up. Just a couple days after the guys finished the car (her car) Kayla showed up to drive it onto The List."

Kayla spoke with DragZine about her lifelong relationship with motorsport: "Really I’m the only girl in that area that races. And I’ve been doing it for a long time. Big Chief just called me one day and asked me if I wanted to participate in the show."

One of the most iconic whips Kayla's raced in is her 1993 Ford Fox Body Mustang with a 302 Chevy Small Block engine and a single nitrous plate outfitted with small car tires.

Is Kayla Morton from Street Outlaws married?

Fans of Street Outlaws have probably seen tons of photos on social media of Kayla posing happily with Boosted GT, aka Chris, from the show. While there aren't any records of the racing pair being married, they are dating, and they have two sons together: Austin and Cooper. 

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Judging from a few pics of Kayla interacting with her kids on Facebook, it looks like they're going to follow in her and their daddy's footsteps when it comes to racing and working on cars.

Although the two are romantically intertwined, Kayla and Boosted GT actually have raced against one another in the past, like in this clip from 2017 where the long anticipated contest finally came to fruition.

When she and Chris first met, however, they weren't immediately smitten.