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Source: know your meme

Keanu Reeves Reveals He's a "Lonely Guy" and the Internet's Heart Is Breaking


Keanu Reeves, AKA Neo, AKA Ted Theodore Logan, AKA the love of the internet's life, admitted what a lot of us have known but didn't want to face for a very, very long time: he's lonely.

The term "good guy" gets thrown around a lot, but it's actually a well-deserved moniker for Keanu. From buying preschools and donating them to children, giving up his seat on subway cars, and going on road trips with strangers who are stranded at airports, the man has achieved almost a mythical status.

He's almost always traveling alone, but has never seemed to let his "loner" status prevent him from extending a hand to others. It seems like everyone knows someone who's had a positive-Keanu interaction. When Octavia Spencer first moved to Hollywood and her car broke down on the way to an audition, the only person to stop and help her push her bird-poop-covered car was Keanu.