Kendall Jenner's Trainer Spills on the Supermodel's Fitness Secrets!

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Feb. 22 2021, Updated 4:11 p.m. ET

Kendall Jenner
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Kendall Jenner is one of the biggest supermodel's in the world. Aside from appearing on the popular E! reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians (for more than a decade), the 24-year-old has become a prominent name in the fashion industry. 

Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably seen Kendall gracing the covers of high fashion magazines such as Vogue, or have seen her face flash across your screen for one of her many promotional campaigns. 

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With New York Fashion Week currently underway, fans of the reality star may be wondering how the model keeps up her toned figure, and her favorite foods to indulge in when she's off-duty. Check out Kendall's diet below!

kendall jenner diet
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What foods does Kendall Jenner's diet consist of?

While it's hard for women to not compare themselves to supermodels in today's social media driven age, just remember that Kendall is naturally tall and very slim. Body types are meant to be different and not shoved into a box that represents a certain standard of beauty. 

But, as fans of the KUWTK star, it's easy to be curious what Kendall's diet consists of ... and yes, it includes cheeseburgers!

Being a model on-the-go, Kendall revealed (via Yahoo) that she has low blood sugar and is constantly needing snacks to keep her energy up. "I definitely need things to keep me going (aka lots of food!)," she wrote on her app. "Here's what will forever and always make my list: Twix, Justin's Peanut Butter, chips and guac, and hummus and carrots. See, pretty simple—just feed me and I'm ready to go!"  

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kendall jenner diet
Source: Instagram

In an interview with Byrdie, the model revealed that when she's trying to eat healthy she'll stick to grilled chicken and rice. Adding, "But I love everything unhealthy. Pizza, fried chicken, everything.” Same girl, same.

While she's not big on cooking, she previously wrote on her app that she has a few "super-simple recipes," which she considers her "specialties."  

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In 2016, big sister Khloe Kardashian opened up about Kendall's fast metabolism and eating habits, writing on her app (via Cosmopolitan), "People always find it funny that Kenny is on the anti-model diet." Adding, "She loves burgers and pizza and goes to In-N-Out all the time. Kendall is my go-to girl on cheat day!" 

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Kendall Jenner's trainer spills the secrets to her workout routine.

Maintaining a toned figure requires more than just eating a balanced meal, you also have to exercise regularly. Kendall's fitness instructor Autumn Calabrese opened up about the body parts the model likes to focus on during their workout sessions.

The celebrity trainer revealed to Us Weekly that Kendall likes to focus on light weight exercises such as squats, lunges, and different ab movements.

The two train three to four times per week for one hour and do a mix of cardio and strength training. 

“My motto is ‘You can do hard things.’ It’s simple, but it’s important to remember. A workout is meant to be hard and it’s meant to challenge you," Autumn said about her fitness program. "If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you."

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