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Joe and Kendra Duggar's Baby No. 2 Due Date Revealed



Reality TV's biggest family is about to get even bigger, because why stop at 25 when you can keep Counting On? Congratulations are in order for Joseph Duggar, 24, and wife Kendra Duggar (born Caldwell), 20, who are expecting their second child only months after giving birth to their first son Garrett.

The couple took to social media and their family blog to announce the exciting news on Thursday morning. "We are ready to double the fun at our house!" it begins. "Being parents has already proven to be a greater joy than we had hoped or imagined."

"We love getting to parent together and are loving every moment and milestone. We are very happy that our little family will welcome a new addition later this year," it continued. "Children really are a blessing from God!"

So, when's the due date?

In a TLC video the couple uploaded to their website (which most likely means they're already filming for the upcoming Season 10), Joseph and Kendra opened up about their emotions surrounding the exciting news. "Kendra just surprised me with the news that we're expecting," Joseph said.

"I was really excited — she really surprised me good this time. I'm not necessarily the emotional type, but I'm definitely super thrilled that we'll have a little one running around the house," he said. As for Kendra, she mentioned the past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster.

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"So when I found out that I was expecting," she said, "I was first really shocked, and then I was super excited, and then I just couldn't believe it was really happening, and then I was super excited again. It was just so many emotions, we're so thrilled." 

She continued, "We're really looking forward to going from one to two and seeing what the adventure holds." 

If we assume that Kendra waited the typical 12 weeks before announcing her pregnancy, the newest member of the Duggar family should be arriving in the fall, probably sometime in October. 

How long have Kendra and Garrett been married? 

Joseph and Kendra met at church in 2017 and fell in love at first sight. Or at least, they definitely moved pretty quickly. Their relationship began in March, and two months later, Joseph was ready to pop the question. Guess where he did it? At his sister Joy Anna's wedding... Way to steal her thunder!

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The couple was married in September 2017, just six months after meeting. Hopefully they didn't have another family member try to upstage their big day by choosing it as their time to propose. 

The couple's first son, Garrett, just made his Instagram debut!

Because everything seems to happen at lightning speed with the Duggars, the newlywed couple welcomed their first son Garrett (also Joseph's middle name) just 39 weeks after they tied the knot. Many fans found this timing "kinda suspicious," noting how odd it was that the baby was born "exactly" nine months from the day they got married.


But considering the Duggars are conservative and are known to steer clear of any birth control, what kind of timing do fans expect? Kendra's a young and fertile mother, after all, and it doesn't surprise us in the least that she'd get pregnant on her wedding night. 

This past February, Kendra and Joseph "finally decided to get social media," and although they're "still trying to figure out how it works," they've been sharing a few adorable images of themselves and of their blue-eyed son. We get to see Garrett's first snow, pictures of him playing outside, and even the photoshoot where his parents announce he's about to get a little brother or sister.

Congratulations to Kendra and Joseph! We can't wait to see the newest addition to your family in the fall.

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