"How Cool Is That?" — Woman Shares Ketchup Bottle Hack That Gets Everything Out

In a social post, a woman has changed the way we all approach getting the last bit of ketchup out a bottle with a cool hack. Details here.

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Sep. 8 2023, Published 11:12 a.m. ET

If you love ketchup, there are two things that you absolutely can’t stand: the watery liquid that pours out if you don’t shake the bottle right and the ketchup being stuck in the bottle. After all, no one wants to eat bland food or waste money by not using the bottle in its entirety.

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That said, some folks have come up with weird ways to get the last bit of ketchup out of the bottle — from knocking the bottle against a surface to flipping it over and tapping the bottle tap on your palms. However, we’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier.

So, since one woman seemingly cracked the code with a popular ketchup bottle hack on TikTok, folks online are all ears. Here’s the 4-1-1.

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A woman on TikTok shares a ketchup bottle hack.

Bring on the ketchup. In an Aug. 30, 2023, TikTok video, creator Casey Rieger (@caseyrieger) hared a video of her trying to get the last bit of ketchup out of a bottle.

“Or you could always just buy a new bottle,” the video caption reads.

As the video starts, Casey tests out the popular hack.

“OK, I saw somebody do this on TikTok and I thought that it was genius, so I’m going to give it a try,” Casey said.

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“You know when you want the last bit of ketchup and then most people just hit it on the palm like that,” Casey said while flipping over the bottle and tapping the top on her palms. “If you want to get the whole bottle.”

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Casey holds the bottle in one hand and waves the bottle in a circular motion at the side of her head repeatedly for a few seconds.

Once she’s done, she holds the bottle of ketchup to the camera and you see the contents bottom-side up at the spout.

“How cool is that? Right? How cool is that?"

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TikTok users appreciated the hack but gave simple solutions to get the same result.

Everyone appreciates hacks that can make their life a bit easier. However, when the hack looks like it can cause bodily harm, most folks would prefer to take a different route. So, once Casey looked like she nearly threw out her arm while trying to get the ketchup to the top, folks were immediately put off.

“Life hack: Store it on the lid like you're supposed to,” one person said.

“Imagine explaining to your doctor that you threw out your shoulder trying to get the last bit of ketchup 😂,” another user shared.

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Interestingly, some folks also passed on the hack since there is a chance that the cap could come off and create a huge mess.

“I wouldn't do this just because if the cap comes off, I'm moving, not cleaning,” one user shared.

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“My mom did that and smashed a lightbulb on the fan above her head in the kitchen,” another person said.

“My luck the cap would open and it would be all over the walls and ceiling,” another user said.

Instead of all of the theatrics, simply store your ketchup bottle with the cap side down for easy use. It's not worth running the risk of ruining furniture with ketchup stains.

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