"After 8 Hours, I Started To Get Full" — Woman Overstays Her Welcome at CiCi’s Pizza

A woman tried to see how long she could eat at CiCi's Pizza's unlimited buffet until she was asked to leave, but she definitely got her money's worth.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Oct. 17 2023, Updated 9:03 a.m. ET

Who among us doesn't dream of staying at an all-you-can-eat buffet for as long as possible to really get the most bang for your buck? I mean, it's in the description of a buffet to be able to literally eat all that you can, right? So it comes as little surprise (to me, anyway) that a TikTok user, @ugh_madison, whose real name is Madison, did just that.

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She decided to eat at a CiCi's Pizza at its unlimited pizza and dessert buffet until employees had to kick her out. When I fantasize about overstaying my welcome at a buffet, that's the part that absolutely terrifies me. But Madison's goal was to eat as much as she could before she was asked to leave, and that's exactly what she did.

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A woman was kicked out of the unlimited pizza buffet at CiCi's Pizza.

In her TikTok, Madison explains that she wants to "see how long it takes to get kicked out of CiCi's Pizza buffet." And, after arriving at 11 a.m. when the place opened, she makes it her mission to spend literally all day at the restaurant. After eating pizza slice after pizza slice, enjoying the desserts on the buffet line, and playing some arcade games, she rinses and repeats.

Eventually, however, Madison is told that there is a supposed rule against patrons remaining at CiCi's for more than two hours. This is after she was there for almost eight hours, mind you. And, despite being kicked out at the end of a very long day of (nearly) unlimited pizza, Madison achieved what she set out to do.

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"After eating for almost eight hours, I was starting to get full, so I thought I'd help out and clean up the tables," Madison says in her video. "And an employee came up to me." She then explains how a CiCi's employee informed her of a "two hour rule" for customers. "After eight hours, I left CiCi's Pizza. I stayed from 11 to 7 [and] paid $9 for unlimited pizza."

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She was told there is a "two hour rule," but others aren't buying it.

It should be noted that, three hours into her CiCi's excursion, Madison decided she wanted a fountain drink. So she had to go back to the register to purchase that. If the two hour rule was in effect, then wouldn't an employee be obligated to say something at that point rather than hours later?

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It definitely makes you wonder how many CiCi's staff members were wondering about Madison's little experiment with an unlimited buffet.

"You know they made that rule five minutes before they told you!" One user commented under the TikTok video.

Another wrote, "'They just made a new rule' — Corporate must have been in the back watching you."

Judging by Madison's video, the CiCi's location wasn't particularly busy during her time there, so maybe she flew under the radar until a dinner rush made it apparent that one single customer was taking up an entire table alone. And that the same customer had been there literally all day.

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Another user had a tip for Madison the next time she tries something similar at a buffet: "Next time ask if there's a rule on how long you can stay for, [and] if they say no then stay till the end of the day."

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