Kid in Europe Taunts Two Adults at a Football Game, Holds His Own

Two angry Stroke City football fans were yelling at a Leicester City fan. That fan just so happened to be a kid and he taunted them right back.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 23 2023, Published 11:02 p.m. ET

There is nothing that makes grown men more riled up than football, the original football that is. Although here in the U.S., soccer (as we call it) isn't as popular as American football, baseball, and basketball, in literally every other country it's like a religion.

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And boy oh boy do those fans take it very seriously. This is why this video of a Leicester City fan taunting two angry Stoke City football fans is so funny. Talking s--- is nothing new, but the taunting is done by a little kid.

We break down the video below.

A kid taunts two very angry football fans in this hilarious video!

The video posted on Twitter by @casualchaps opens with two grown men looking very heated and yelling at someone in a different section of the stadium. Both men are pointing and gesturing very heatedly.

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The camera pans to the person that the two men are yelling at, and the person is actually just a little kid. Truly genius camera work right here. Not many people were expecting that.

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The camera zooms in to show the kid holding his pointer and thumb finger out in one hand, and fist in the other, representing the score of the Leicester City vs. Stoke City match, 2-0. The kid is truly not phased at all by the grown men yelling. We love an unbothered king ... or prince in this case.

The fans in the kid's section cheered him on. The crowd then sees a police person coming down to de-escalate the situation because the grown men are clearly very out of line. One person audibly yells, "There we go," with other people cheering, "Eyyyyy" very excitedly.

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The police person yells at the older of the two men. The younger of the two adults must have finally given up. The man is still very upset, yelling at the kid as the police person turns to tell the kid to stop as well, which is honestly so funny.

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The caption for the post reads, "This young Leicester supporter taunting the 2-0 scoreline to angry Stoke fans yesterday. Well done kiddo!" We would have to agree, the kid didn't say anything, he just held up the score in his hands. The fact that he seemed so unfazed by grown men yelling at him seemed to upset the angry men even more.

Obviously, the comments didn't disappoint.

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One person wrote, "same vibes," and then posted a comedy video of a man getting jealous of a baby and trying to fight it. This video is also so funny and worth a watch. And agree, they do give off the same vibes.

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Another person commented, "lol imagine being so rattled you start screaming abuse at a kid. These two gonna get ripped on sight tomorrow morning," with another saying, "Imagine going back to work on Monday and this video of you does the rounds amongst your colleagues."

And in case you were wondering, Leicester City did win their match against Stoke City on Oct. 7, 2023. This kid also beat this angry man 2-0 as well.

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