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Source: reddit, Twitter

The Most Ridiculous Kids' Christmas Lists on the Internet


If you want to illustrate the definition of the word "audacity," look no further than your average kid's letter to Santa. Children really dream big with those requests, with Christmas lists that read like a list of demands one might give to a genie... after asking for unlimited wishes. 

Perhaps the most extra example of this is the list a 10-year-old's mom shared on Twitter, which went viral for reasons that will soon become clear. We're sharing it along with several other lists by kids with unreasonable expectations — and one rare easy-to-please subject who just wants some very specific cheese.

Shoot for the moon, baby girl.

Source: Twitter

This mom thinks her 10-year-old daughter is "out of her mind with this Christmas list," but honestly you have to admire the girl's tenacity. This is clearly a young lady who knows you gotta start high in any negotiation. She'll grow up to become someone who never lowballs herself in salary discussions and recognizes you always have to ask for more than you want to get in the ballpark.