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11 Quotes Proving There's Nobody Meaner Than a Kid Speaking Their Mind



Like Whitney Houston sang, I believe the children are our future. The generation coming up through high school right now seems to have so much compassion and acceptance and a love for diversity and the planet preceding generations could really learn from. But as much as I respect the youth of America, I fear them even more — because kids are mean. Sometimes without even intending to, kids can make remarks so cutting and so honest, they will ruin your whole day. 

Jimmy Fallon recently asked people to share the funniest things they've heard kids say, and while not all of the responses were brutal put-downs, these 11 quotes show there is nobody more savage (or funny) than a kid with zero filters.

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You could be just walking around living your life and feeling pretty OK about yourself, and then out of the blue a toddler will say something that makes you immediately run out to join a gym and start a diet. It's a superpower.

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On the one hand, little kids don't necessarily know yet how much adults obsess over that number on the scale. When you're little, you're obsessed with being bigger. This little one was probably just trying to learn his aunt's secret so he could be a big kid. 

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Little kids are blessed with powerful observational skills but have no filter and little awareness for what is and is not OK to say out loud. Kayles here was probably going through puberty, which is a rough time for everybody without 6-year-olds running around saying whatever pops into their heads.

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Wow, this one's a one-two punch, cutting down not only this woman's appearance but her ability to enhance that appearance with makeup. I don't know how schoolteachers get through the day without drinking.

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Even when kids are trying to be nice and sweet, they can say things that make you weep — both with laughter and with shame.

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If an adult said this to a cop, they'd be looking at one hefty ticket at best. But since it was a kid, it probably just hurt the officer's feelings.

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Teachers probably get it even worse than parents. They spend all day in a room full of kids that just say any old thing that pops into their heads. You gotta have thick skin to get into the teaching profession.

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Hey, maybe this mom can learn through her daughter's eyes to see her double chin as a beauty feature instead of a flaw! 

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This dad's attempt to get his kid to sleep in his own bed backfire monumentally. The boy has a point — clearly adults are too scared to go to sleep by themselves, so why should kids have to brave the dark alone? 

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Having no filter means kids not only say mean things without intending to, but they say them loud enough that anyone in earshot can also be obliterated by them. I feel for this man and for the innocent bystander in the next car. Here's hoping his window wasn't open to hear it.

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Gravity is cruel — but even crueler is a little kid observing the effects of gravity on a woman's breasts over time. If I were that grandma I'd probably start googling plastic surgeons after this interaction. Seriously, how does anyone survive kids?

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