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Source: iStock Photo

14-Year-Old Calls out 'LA Times' for Claiming Kids Don't Read in Scathing Letter to the Editor


There are only a few things one can count on in this world: death, taxes, and older people crying tragedy because they believe younger generations are ruining everything. Like clockwork, the LA Times published an op-ed by teacher Jeremy Adams, just in time for back-to-school season, lamenting the fact that kids don't read anymore.

His op-ed rehashes the tired idea that times have changed, that smartphones have dumbed kids down, that they're "reading" in the form of tweets and memes and social posts but they're not partaking in the "serious reading" that he'd been told was so important when he was growing up. "Reading books," Jeremy claims, "has been sacrificed to the tyranny of texting and dizzying array of social media platforms."

Source: iStock Photo