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Source: Twitter

People Are Posting Pics of All the Off-Brand AirPods They Got for Christmas


Every Christmas, there seems to be one hot-ticket item that everyone asks for. Remember the Tickle Me Elmo year? Or that time people practically killed each other over Furbies? Well, this year, the thing everyone wanted to see under the tree was a little less furry and a little more sleek. AirPods were the coveted gift this Christmas season. 

And some people probably got them. Some people probably opened that little box to see an official pair of Apple AirPods from the ones they love. But those people aren't the focus of this story. This story is about all those champs out there who didn't get AirPods but did get something resembling them. The people who opened "Smart Pods," "Soulja Pods," and other knock-off wireless headphone brands and smiled through the pain.

Source: Twitter