Cannabis Influencer Koala Puffs Dishes on New Film '4/20', Worst Times to Be High, & More!

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Apr. 20 2020, Updated 10:05 a.m. ET

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Source: Courtesy: Koala Puffs

Get ready to celebrate everyone's favorite stoner holiday with the new film 4/20. The movie follows different individuals on the weed holiday, April 20, and how "they have more in common than just a love of herb." Think Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.

Ahead of the film's release, Distractify spoke with Koala Puffs, who plays high school senior Jack, who is looking to score some pot with her group of friends.  

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The famed cannabis influencer dished about her feature film debut (including if the weed was real or fake), how she's planning to celebrate her favorite holiday, moments she probably shouldn't have been high (but was), and her thoughts on smoking with fans. 

No leaf was left unsmoked during our chat. So, grab your favorite joint, pen, bong, or whatever ... and check out our Q&A below.  

(Editor's note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)   

koala puffs
Source: Bold Soul Studios
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Koala Puffs spills on her new film '4/20,' being high in the worst moments, & more!

Distractify: First, talk about your character Jack in the film and how closely you relate to her?

Koala Puffs: I think she is somebody a lot of people will be able to relate to. She is just a girl that is trying to get high on 4/20 but is underage and has a group of friends that are also underage and they are just full of silly ideas to get weed at a legal dispensary in the most illegal ways possible. 

I think all of us have tried to get … any stoner that smoked during high school or college before turning 21 has gone through that phase of trying to get it through a buddy or even just as far as drinking goes, trying to see if somebody outside of a liquor store would agree to buy it for you, or maybe a cousin.  

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koala puffs
Source: Bold Soul Studios

So, is the weed featured and smoked in the film real or fake?

KP: It was kind of half and half. Half of the cast doesn’t really smoke. The weed that we were supposed to be sharing, the joints that we were passing around ... we smoked fake weed, which tastes terrible. It does not taste good. I am 4/20 friendly and Audrey Whitby is 4/20 friendly, so when it would just be the two of us we were actually able to smoke real weed. So, by take number three or four you really start to feel it. 

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Did you get more into character when you were able to smoke real weed?

KP: Honestly, I feel like I got more into it… I film for my YouTube and Instagram every single day so being stoned and filming is kind of a natural place for me to be. It’s weird for me to smoke fake weed, honestly.  

What are you planning to do to celebrate 4/20? 

KP:  I have so many fun things planned, mostly to give people something to look forward to. … My friend and I … we came up with this thing called 4/20 Spirit Week … everyday starting this Thursday we have a themed day. ...On actual 4/20 I will be doing a big "Wake and Bake" livestream in the morning, probably around 8 a.m. PT. Then around 3 p.m., I will be doing another livestream to pregame for the movie.  

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koala puffs
Source: Instagram

Since you smoke every day, is there a time when you thought afterwards that it wasn't a great idea to be that high? Does that happen at all?

KP: Very frequently, unfortunately! I’m the type of stoner that literally smokes all day, everyday. It keeps me eating, keeps my anxiety down. The meetings that I walk into that I think are just going to be a quick little product demonstration that end up a full long business plan for 6 months conversation, that I’m not ready for...

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Or I just ate 800 mg and my mom tries to have a very serious conversation with me and I just keep laughing. There’s nothing you can do, your body is just reacting that way. This is almost on a daily basis. My friends just have to know, sometimes it’s not me giggling, it’s the edible.  

We've all been in self-quarantining and social distancing right now, and I see that you’ve been continuously making videos. Do you have any funny stories about your time smoking weed and being stuck in the house? Thinking random thoughts? 

KP: Absolutely! I’ve been increasing my videos and things that I do so much. I literally sat down and smoked an ounce and a half in a blunt on the toilet because what else are you supposed to do? There’s only so many rooms you can smoke in. That room hasn’t gotten featured so much on my YouTube channel and I think if I wasn’t quarantined, that’s not something I would have done. 

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Because you smoke so much, do your friends end up not wanting to smoke with you because they get competitive and try to keep up, or do they love it?

KP: A lot of my friends that were my friends before Koala Puffs was born, they just didn’t want to be around it. That was difficult in the beginning; however, that let me meet a lot of 4/20 friendly people that understand why I need it, how much it helps, and what brings this community together.

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Because that’s how I made a lot of friends, a lot of them are so psyched to have a friend who smokes as much as they do because usually most people can’t. We smoke a lot. We love it.  

When fans recognize you, do they automatically want to smoke with you? How do you feel about that?

KP: I always wait for them to hit it first and then I have this thing [a mouth piece] that you can share like a bong or a pen, but it doesn’t touch your lips. It’s like a little separation thing. I just carry that with me because it’s a thing to want to smoke together. It’s so awesome that this is what people want to do when they meet me and see me because I love smoking. People will give me their weed, whatever they grow. It’s pretty fun. 

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So, you're never hesitant? 

KP: The only time that I’m a little skeptical is when it’s homemade edibles where it’s like an open container cause that’s the only time where I don’t eat it. 

Finally, who is a celebrity you’d love to smoke weed with?

KP: Miley Cyrus. I’ve been a fan of hers since Hannah Montana and that’s when I first moved to the United States. I learned English with her. I became more Americanized with her. She just holds a special place in my heart.

The film 4/20 will be available to stream on April 20. You can now pre-order the film on Vimeo using the discount code "holiday" for $4.20.   

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