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Memes to Celebrate 4/20 All Month Long



The hallowed international day of stoners, 4/20 is upon us once again. This year, the blessed holiday has an added significance since it’s also the year 2020. That means this April, for the first time in one hundred years, it will be 4/20 all month.

Let me repeat myself. This year, weed lovers will get to enjoy the entire month of April as if it were 4/20, with the actual 20th day of the month serving as a sort of super 4/20. That’s a whole month of 4/20 tokes, wake-and-bakes, special brownies, and all manner of stoner celebrations. 

Although many public gatherings this year have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve put together a selection of memes to kick-start this special month and pay our respects to our favorite plant for the whole month of April 2020. 

So grab your best bong, take a rip and keep scrolling for some higgles (that’s high giggles). 


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Start your month with a bit of a laugh, which is something everyone needs these days, but also by clearly proclaiming your allegiance to the special plant.

Go all natural.

And celebrate the month with some dank cannabis.

But also don’t worry about the details and try to do some complicated math equations.

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What is this, the mathletes?! Just enjoy.

Well, there's a pandemic, for starters.

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Yes, COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in the plans of some who’ve been looking forward to this day for years.

This year we smoke for different reasons...

Otherwise known as: getting our minds off of certain things (read: the entire world).

Everyone's more paranoid than usual...

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So take proactive measures to announce your presence is non-infected. And if you're coughing, it's just 'cause you inhaled a bit too much. No invisible killers here!

Shelter-in-place orders?

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Stoners are particularly well-suited for this particular set of government directives. Thank us later!

The most important thing is to stock up on the essentials.

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And we are obviously not talking about hoarding toilet paper.

Since it's 4/20 all month, you're going to want to budget.

So you don't end up like the Tiger King himself right here.

Start the day off with a temperature check.

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And make sure you are both healthy and high. 

But try not to get *too* high...

If that's even possible!

And even though you're stuck at home....

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That doesn't mean you can't get in some exercise.

Honestly, nothing can stop this epic holiday.

Not even the coronavirus, sorry COVID-19! It's been a whole lifetime in the making.

A happy and prosperous 4/20 to all!

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Happy high holidays to you and yours!

The best way to prevent contracting or spreading coronavirus is with thorough hand washing and social distancing. If you feel you may be experiencing symptoms of coronavirus, which include persistent cough (usually dry), fever, shortness of breath, and fatigue, please call your doctor before going to get tested. For comprehensive resources and updates, visit the CDC website. If you are experiencing anxiety about the virus, seek out mental health support from your provider or visit NAMI.org.

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