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Kristin and Rusty From 'Hot and Heavy' Are Trying to Start a Family


"Yeah, it was a classic story, Prince checks out Princess' backside, and here we are, happily ever after," jokes Rusty Keadle in the trailer of Hot and Heavy

Rusty and his wife, Kristin Keadle, are one of the three couples participating in the latest TLC reality show about "overweight" women who enter into relationships with "normal-size" men. 

So, what should we know about Hot and Heavy's Kristin and Rusty

Meet Kristin and Rusty from Hot and Heavy.

Kristin and Rusty met while waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World, and the rest was history. 

The two fell for each other straight away, and in no time, Kristin decided to quit her highly-successful bridal shop in New York just to spend more time with her chosen one. 

They got married in 2017 and moved to Orlando, Fla. shortly afterward.