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Source: TLC

Moriah’s Possible Emancipation After 'Welcome to Plathville' Could Put Her TLC Future In Jeopardy


Even though Counting On is the TLC show that probably fills the over-sized reality TV family hole in your life, Welcome to Plathville is quickly gaining traction for its family full of rule makers and breakers. And the latter includes second eldest daughter Moriah Plath, who has made it her mission this season to break free from her family’s strict rules on essentially everything.

In an October Instagram post, Moriah mentioned leaving the family farm in Georgia and, because she is still a minor, it led some of her followers to wonder what that means for her future on the show and with her family. Her sister-in-law, Olivia Plath, commented on her post in a show of support and it led to even more questions about where Moriah went and why.