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Kylie Jenner's Rumored New Boo in 2020 Is a Total Catch



Although many of us were desperately hoping that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott had gotten back together, after cozying up at Stormi's birthday party earlier this year, it seems as though that may not be the case. Twitter is convinced that Kylie is dating a new non-famous man, and needless to say, we're dying to know more about him.

Who is Kylie's new boyfriend in 2020? Although you most likely won't recognize the makeup icon's rumored new boo, it goes without saying that he's swoon-worthy. Read on for the latest on Kylie's ever-exciting dating life.

Source: Instagram

Rumors of Kylie Jenner's new boyfriend sparked after a photo of them went viral in July 2020.

While fans were devastated to hear Kylie and Travis didn't end up getting back together, they were undeniably excited when rumors of her new boo surfaced. It all started when a photo of her and a mystery man went viral courtesy of Twitter user @lamborghiniboys. They posted the photo, along with the caption, "Kylie Jenner with her new rumoured boyfriend Bongumusa Mahlaba." 

Apparently, though, Kylie's new man isn't actually named Bongumusa Mahlaba, according to Hit C. He actually goes by the name Fai Khadra, and it's unclear how he coined the name "Bongumusa Mahlaba" in the first place. Either way, though, we're dying to know more about her new guy, who — let's face it — is a total hottie.

Who is Fai Khadra and how did he and Kylie Jenner meet?

It goes without saying that Fai Khadra will mesh perfectly with the Kardashian-Jenner family. According to The Courier Daily, he is a model and influencer. On Instagram, he goes by the name @yourboyfai, where he has 1.2 million followers and posts photos of himself modeling and traveling to exotic locations around the world. 

Fai apparently dated the infamous Jordan Woods in February 2019, but they have since split. It seems as though he's known the Jenners for quite a while, as Kendall posted photos of the two of them together back in November 2019 with the joking caption, "everyone in favor of Fai and I starting a family say 'i.'"

Source: Instagram

It seems as though Travis Scott may not be on board.

Seeing your ex with a new boo can be difficult and it seems as though Travis isn't thrilled with the news. We aren't entirely sure if Travis was upset by the photo of Kylie and Fai, or if he is simply debunking it, but the "SICKO MODE" singer responded to the viral tweet in a seemingly snarky manner with a simple "LOL."

What does this mean? Are Kylie and Fai not actually dating? Or is Travis simply jealous? Check out Travis' seemingly salty response to these rumors below.

We're seriously hoping that Kylie did actually find love with this new guy because Fai is a total catch. Between his undeniably good looks and an affinity for traveling, it seems like he could be the guy Kylie's always wanted. We're also sending all of our love to Travis — we'd be broken up about Kylie finding a new man too.

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