"I Can Smell Alcohol on Her" — Lady Attacks Man With Beer Can in Elevator

After a man shared that a lady attacked him with a beer can on an elevator, folks on social media express concern about the woman's child.

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Sep. 28 2023, Published 10:03 p.m. ET

Age isn't always an indication of wisdom. Thanks to social media, we get to see the everyday lives of people on social media and the interesting situations they’ve found themselves in. While many trending videos involve children and young adults, some showcase adults acting badly without a care in the world.

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So, when a man took to TikTok to share that he was attacked by a woman in his building, folks weren’t too surprised. However, when folks realized that the woman had a little girl with her, opinions escalated. Here’s the full scoop.

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A lady attacks a man with a beer can in an elevator on TikTok.

Some people truly have no shame. In a Sept. 1, 2023, TikTok video creator Landon Jones (@allclearforlandon) shared a video of himself being assaulted by an unknown woman in an elevator in his building.

“Why are people like this?” the video caption reads.

As the video starts, a woman is seen standing at the elevator door with a small child waiting outside in the hallway.

“This drunk lady with her daughter attacked me with her beer can in my apartment building tonight,” the text overlay reads.

The woman said to Landon, “I appreciate you,” and attempted to snatch his phone out of his hands as her child looked on.

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Landon then asked the woman a question about her behavior. She said, “No” and began to throw the contents of her beer can at Landon. Someone in the background said, “Don’t do anything” repeatedly.

The doors of the elevator closed as the alarm continued to sound and the floor was drenched with alcohol.

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In a follow-up video, Landon addressed a person who asked for a story time about the events that took place. Landon explained that he and his boyfriend were enroute to go to the gym in their building.

Landon said that he left something in his car so he had to go downstairs to get it. He shared that he and his boyfriend were waiting for the elevator and they heard the lady before the elevator arrived on their floor. The woman apparently was talking about the building and airing out her grievances.

When the elevator arrived, Landon said he took a second to look back and then step in. The woman said to him, “Get in m------------, we’re waiting on you.”

Initially, Landon thought it was a joke. However, once he stepped in the elevator he said he “could smell alcohol on her.” Even worse, her daughter was hiding in the corner. As the elevator went down to the lobby, Landon said the woman was calling him names but he chose to ignore her.

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“I wasn’t saying anything to her,” Landon said.

The elevator doors then opened on the lobby floor and the woman asked Landon about why she was looking at him like she was crazy. This is when Landon finally responded.

“Because you are,” Landon said then walked away.

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After going to his car and returning to the lobby, Landon saw the woman again. She got back in the elevator with Landon and his boyfriend and he decided to start recording. And that’s when we see the events that occurred.

Landon shared that he did contact the police and told building management about what happened. The building manager said that they are looking into evicting her from the property. Landon also said that he plans to sue.

TikTok users are worried about the child’s safety.

It’s one thing to act a complete foolish when drunk; it’s another to showcase that behavior in front of a child. As such, folks on TikTok are pleading with Landon to call Child Services on the woman.

“Nah, be petty and call CPS on her too,” one person shared.

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“Once the property manager provides a name and unit number, please call CPS. That child should not be around her at all,” another person said.

“Honestly, you should get CPS involved too if her daughter is acting scared of her as well because that’s a big red flag,” another user suggested.

Although many folks shared their sympathies over the situation and others urged Landon to call Child Services, he hasn't stated whether or not he plans to contact CPS. So, only time or an update on TikTok will tell.

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