Lamborghini Rear Ended TikTok
Source: TikTok

TikToker Posts Clips ”Proving” She Didn’t Rear-End $500,000 Lamborghini


Oct. 8 2021, Published 9:26 a.m. ET

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences, and not just as plot devices for TV shows and that one short story you just can't shake from your memory. Even if you emerge unscathed from a wreck — which not everyone is lucky enough to do — the financial strain, rise in insurance costs, and potentially having to get a new car during this insane chip shortage is a huge stress for someone to have to deal with when all they originally wanted to do was commute in a car that probably costs a significant chunk of their earnings.

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Now imagine if you were accused of rear-ending a Lamborghini. That's exactly what's happening to TikTok user @maddygilsoul1. Now, she's using the popular video-sharing platform to try to prove that she's actually innocent.

The "rear-ended" Lamborghini driver tried accusing a TikTok user of causing an accident.

It's bad enough if you hit a Corolla from behind while making a trip to the grocery store or heading back home from your Orange Theory class, but what if you slammed into the back of a $500,000 Lamborghini Aventador?

If someone's rolling around in one of those automotive pieces of bling, then you just know they've probably got the coin to sue both you and your insurance company.

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Matt Heller, the owner of said Aventador claims that his exotic whip was struck by a woman who was driving a black Audi. He uploaded footage of her getting out of her car and yelling at Matt for hitting the front of her vehicle. (Please note there's some NSFW language in the above video.)

Not a good look for the woman in question.

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However, TikToker @maddygilsoul1 uploaded separate clips that appear to reject Matt's theory, painting the Lamborghini owner in a different light.

"Matt Heller went into oncoming traffic on a red light because I didn't turn left on yellow," a voice-over on one of Maddy's videos states. "And then almost hit a person. My lawyers will be serving him with slander."

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The clip then segues into more surveillance footage that then shows the Lamborghini in question reversing between a cyclist and (presumably) Maddy's black Audi.

When the clip is played, it's pretty clear that the Aventador is skimming ever so close to the Audi and almost strikes the cyclist.

Maddy's TikTok footage rejects the idea that she rear-ended the Lamborghini.

In another one of her clips, the Lambo drives on ahead as the Audi stops and the cyclist goes on their merry way. Maddy's TikToks end showing off the scratches caused on the side of the Aventador, which is presumably from their unsafe driving.

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While the footage does seem to suggest the Lamborghini driver is at fault, people who've seen the clip have placed blame on both parties. Reddit user @Gummyball44 writes: "So ... Who's the villain? The Lambo or the Audi?" Another commenter quipped, "Lambo the villain, Audi the idiot?"

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Redditor @Tildengolfer stated that culpability is going to be tough for the insurance companies to ascertain: "He clipped her (assuming) cyclist was in the wrong. But it appears he might have attempted a hit-and-run. Strike against him. She crossed a solid white lane and changed lanes in an intersection (assuming) and then rear-ended him. Insurance companies are gonna have a field day paying neither of them out."

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