"This Officer Keeps Siding With Him" — Landlord Enters Apartment Without Cause

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Sep. 1 2023, Published 11:08 a.m. ET

One of the worst nightmares to live through as a tenant is to deal with a problematic landlord. Thanks to social media, folks have aired out their grievances with their landlords for the world to see — from failing to provide a safe living space to taking advantage of tenants financially. In other words, we’ve seen it all.

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However, one woman on TikTok may have the motherload of all problems with her landlord. In a series of TikTok videos, she has documented her landlord entering her apartment without cause. What’s worse? Police have been little to no help for her. Here’s the scoop.

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A woman shares that her landlord enters her apartment without cause in a TikTok video.

Audacity is on sale! In a series of TikTok videos starting from Aug. 28, 2023, creator Willow the WiLd Whoodle (@sarkero) shared that her landlord and his wife have been harassing her. Unfortunately, the harassment progressed to her landlord entering her apartment without reason.

In one video, the creator records her interaction with law enforcement as she questioned them about saying the landlord is free to touch cameras in her home and enter without cause.

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“Officers responded to my call and delayed entry while landlord, attorney Brian Ledebuhr, was in my apartment again, purposely blocking and turning my cameras around. Brian and his attorney's wife Meghan Ledebuhr have been threatening and harassing me. More videos posted soon! #lawyersoftiktok #lawyersofinstagram #policemishandled The officer to the left kept hiding his name badge and was siding with Brian because he said he’s a landlord, too. Officers said they couldn’t touch my cameras. But said landlord can do what he wants,” the video caption reads.

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Interestingly, Brian can be seen in the background appearing to “work” in the apartment. However, the woman has stood firm that nothing in the apartment needs to be fixed and he has no reason to be in there.

However, the police officers in the video alleged that he was preparing the apartment for a “new tenant” and questioned if she paid her rent. They also made it a point to say that they have other calls to attend to.

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Although the creator explained that he had been illegally touching and taking her belongings and entering her apartment, the police showed little care about her concerns.

As the content continues to be released, you can see videos of the landlord entering the apartment, fidgeting with the creator’s items, staring down and covering cameras, and pretty much acting as if he lives there.

The creator also showed Ring camera footage of the landlord tampering with her cameras. And of course, other cameras show the landlord entering her bedroom.

However, the camera doesn’t show how long he stayed in her bedroom.

Unfortunately, there have been no updated videos with any resolution for the disrespectful landlord.

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TikTok users are heated to see the creator deal with the disrespectful landlord.

It’s one thing to not follow the rules set by your landlord; it’s another to have your privacy disrespected regularly. So naturally, since the creator has overwhelming evidence of her landlord violating her rights as a tenant, folks believe that she should take more drastic measures.

“Move! I hope you can move elsewhere. You shouldn't have to but not worth THIS type of uncertainty and aggravation,” one person said.

“That’s corruption at its finest. I would file a suit and move out as soon as financially possible because they’re not doing anything about it,” another user shared.

Interestingly, a lot of people shared that depending on the state, landlords have to give 24 to 48 hours notice before entering an apartment. However, the creator said that the landlord told the authorities that her rental agreement had expired, although she is still a tenant.

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