Woman Accuses Landlord of Burning Down Her Apartment Because She Couldn’t Evict Her From It

"The fire marshal can easily tell if it’s arson."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

May 7 2024, Published 1:16 p.m. ET

Landlord Sets Fire to Woman’s Apartment, She Claims
Source: TikTok | @afckinmazing

A woman accused her landlord of attempting to burn her room down as she couldn't legally have her evicted. Ki (@afckinmazing) uploaded a viral TikTok along with several other videos, documenting the aftermath of the fire that took her living space away from her.

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"When your landlord can't legally evict you so she sets your room on fire," a text overlay in the video reads as she begins recording rooms inside of the living unit. "Look at that; what'd I say, nobody else's room," she narrates in the clip, showing off a clean-looking bedroom, before transitioning to showing off the burnt unit.

Audible gasps from off camera can be heard as the woman continues to record, showing off the destruction levied on the room and the personal effects therein. "Wait a minute ... wait a minute," a person can be heard saying in the background as the TikToker pans her camera lens up to show that the ceiling has all but caved in, exposing the framing of the home.

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"Wait a minute!" the person says again. "Are you f----- serious? There's no f----- way."

They enter the room and begin assessing the damage before a man can be heard off camera stating, "So just watch your step ... there's gonna be nails and things sticking up."

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"Wait, what?" a woman can be heard off camera stating again as the recorder shows off wall decorations that have been burnt to a crisp. "Wait ... whoa .... no ... no ... no," the voice off camera says again as they look at the wreckage left on the floor: bits of wall, charred pieces of wood that the fire wrought havoc on.

In a follow-up clip she discusses how she was put up in a hotel since her "house burnt up" and even did a review of what life was like after the disaster. "First night in a hotel since my house burned up!" she states before laughing as she narrates her hotel stay.

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In the video, she scans herself into her room and talks about how "excited" she was to get a hotel room because she was initially going to be placed inside of a "motel" but ended up getting better accommodations at a discounted rate.

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She then shows off the Red Cross "comfort kit" which comes with "tissues, a wash cloth, deodorant, shampoo and body bath, hand soap, lotion, a comb, toothbrush ... toothpaste, and they gave me some detergent pods."

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She then goes on to stress the importance of packing "lighter" for long journeys in a portion of the clip, which she records in what looks like the bathroom of the hotel room while wearing a bath towel and a hair covering.

Ki wrote that she was "grateful" for the Red Cross comfort kit she was given due to how "intentional" everything packaged into there was. She then recorded herself cleaning off some of her books that "survived the fire" in her video before it ultimately ended.

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In another video, she calls out her landlord for being an "arsonist" who has an "ugly" daughter in a clip where she lip-syncs a track dedicated to how much someone hates another person.

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In another video where she references how her "house burned down" as she documents what life's been like since then, she says that she feels as if she's "unlocking a new character" in her life, as she is slowly working on rebuilding her wardrobe and personal belongings.

Commenters who responded to Ki's initial video said that if arson can be proven, then she can be put in a position where profiting financially is a reality: "Now she got a lawsuit against her. Congratulations you’re new property owner," one person wrote. Another person added: "The fire marshal can easily tell if it’s arson."

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"OH YEAH YOU FINNA GET MONEYYY," another speculated.

"Oh lawyer up and sue," someone else responded, while another thought that she should get the police to look into the matter immediately: "Girl you better have the cops investigate that it was intentionally set on fire so he can get in trouble."

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