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'Last Chance U': Where Are the Laney College Football Players Now?



It is more than just a game of football... it's life. 

Season 5 of the Netflix docuseries Last Chance U takes viewers inside the lives of players at Laney College in Oakland, Calif. For many, this is their last opportunity to get scouted by university recruiters to potentially earn a scholarship and to possibly make it onto an NFL team. But, aside from being the best at their position, these guys are also faced with financial and family hardships.

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'Last Chance U': Where are the Season 5 players now?

With much of their future decisions determined by throwing and catching a ball, it's a rollercoaster series that is full of emotion and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Keep reading to find out where the players of Last Chance U are now. 

Nu’u Taugavau

Source: Netflix

In the first episode of Season 5, audiences are introduced to Nu'u Taugavau. The offensive lineman worked at the local Walmart to help feed his wife and two young kids. But, Nu'u decided to quit that job and go back to school to help provide a better life for his family. Throughout Season 5, No. 66 struggles to keep up with school, football, and being a good dad to his kids.

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So, what happened to Nu'u? Luckily, all of the football player's sacrifices paid off and he received a scholarship from Murray State University in Kentucky. Nu'u and his family moved to the southern state and he is currently waiting to see if football will resume in September, which may be postponed due to the current coronavirus pandemic (also known as COVID-19). 

RJ Stern

Source: Netflix

In the Netflix docuseries, fans are introduced to RJ Stern, who has struggled in his personal relationships. Unfortunately, the wide receiver has had to deal with home life issues, injuries, and trying to prove himself to head coach John Beam. Though he didn't get offers from any D1 colleges, RJ eventually signed a scholarship to Tusculum University in Tennessee. 

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Rejzohn Wright

Source: Netflix

After losing his father in 2017 due to gun violence, Rejzohn Wright is hoping to follow in his older brother's footsteps and get accepted to a university. He dreams about one day playing in the National Football League. So, does the cornerback succeed in obtaining a spot on a school's roster? 

Just like his big bro, Rejzohn accepted a scholarship to Oregon State University. According to Netflix, he's currently competing for a starting position.

Dior Walker-Scott

Source: Netflix

While playing college ball, going to school, and working a part-time job, fans learn that wide receiver turned quarterback Dior Walker-Scott is homeless. The Laney College alum definitely has the odds stacked against him, but he stays focused and keeps pushing through the challenges life has thrown at him. Though he did not get into a D1 school like he had hoped, Dior reportedly enrolled at the University of Hawaii as a walk-on.

You can now stream Season 5 of Last Chance U on Netflix.

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