Here's What You Can Expect From 'The Last Kingdom' Season 4

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Apr. 24 2020, Updated 9:51 p.m. ET

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The premiere of Season 4 of The Last Kingdom is right around the corner — Sunday, April 26 to be exact. The epic historical series, based on  The Saxon Stories novels, is set in 9th-century England and focuses on the Christian Saxon land which has been taken over by pagan Viking invaders. One territory that still fights for its freedom is King Alfred's Wessex. For those who can't wait to watch the entire season on Netflix this weekend and want to know all the spoilers now, here's what we dug up. 

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Are you ready for The Last Kingdom Season 4 spoilers?

)Now's your chance to turn back! Are we good? Okay, let's get started. We know that this new season will welcome another time jump and we'll be introduced to older versions of Uhtred Ragnarsson's kids (who get their own plot lines. The show is supposed to jump a full decade ahead, if it's closely following the books. We'll also see Uhtred as a 17-year-old (Finn Elliot is taking over for Tom Taylor, who was young Uhtred in Season 1). 

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We may also see some religious clashing. Uhtred was born a Christian and converted to Paganism, and in The Pagan Lord, we learn that it's the opposite for Uhtred's son. He's born a Pagan and becomes a Christian.  

We also know that King Alfred is dead and will not be returning to Season 4. While he may return in the form of a dream or vision, don't expect a lot of screen time for actor David Dawson. Others who won't be returning (alive that is) include Aethelwold, Ragnar Ragnarsson, Thyra, and Gisela.

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While Uhtred hasn't been able to go north and reclaim the lands of his ancestors that his uncle usurped, circumstances may change in Season 4. According to the book, The Pagan Lord  which Season 4 should be based on, Uhtred's terrible uncle Aellfric will be coming back. Uhtred and his uncle will most likely go up against each other and battle it out. Netflix will most likely flex their production value, so the scenes will probably be super epic.

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As for Uhtred's love life, which we of course can't forget about: The books introduce Dane mistress Sigunn as someone who gets involved with Uhtred, so it's possible that will also be the case on the show. 

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What's going on with Cnut? Well, last we saw, Cnut killed Lord Sigebriht of Kent and manipulated Aethelwold to slay Ragnar while he slept (and then sleep with Brida, Aethelwold's wife). In The Pagan Lord, Cnut gets ready for war with the Saxons. The Danes and Saxon armies end up clashing with each other and Cnut and Uhtred battle against each other.

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Watch the trailer for Season 4 below:

Overall, expect a bingefest this Sunday. The Last Kingdom. Joseph Millson, who plays Aelfric, told Winter Is Coming that, "[The new season is] a deeper dig into everything you love. Some long-running itches finally get scratched. The standards of production are out of this world. Spread the word."

Prepare yourselves for an intense season, Arselings!

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