Man's Laundry Room Annihilated by Detergent That Fell Off Washing Machine

A man shared his soapy experience after discovering his laundry detergent had fallen off his washer, soaking his entire laundry room.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Oct. 6 2023, Published 6:19 p.m. ET

Household chores will surely kick you in the you-know-what one way or another.

If you’re not moaning and groaning over the costs of cleaning supplies, you’re certainly side-eyeing the fact you’re required to clean before you can do anything fun in your free time.

While many of us aren’t the biggest fans of completing daunting and unavoidable tasks, we suck it up and do what needs to be done (or hire help if we’re balling like that).

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Most of us also buy the necessary cleaning supplies through our teeth. But even when we do right by our homes and the pets who live in them rent-free, we find ourselves in soapy, er, sticky situations.

A TikTok user recently shared how he received an unexpected surprise when he arrived home — his laundry detergent spilled and caused his entire house to smell like fresh gardens.

Keep scrolling to see what happened.

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A man came home to his bottle of laundry detergent spilled across his basement floor.

Although I just preached to you all how necessary it is to keep up with your household chores, laundry is one of my least favorite chores. And it’s only become more insufferable as I’ve transitioned from living in a one-floor apartment to a two-story house.

Why, you ask? I hate having to travel up and down the stairs of my house to wash and dry several loads — something that was much less of a hassle when I lived in a smaller space. Bigger isn’t always better, chile.

Due to my disdain for laundry, I can’t imagine coming home to what Matthew Farrell, who goes by @matt.farrell on TikTok, witnessed after returning to his abode. In October 2023, Matthew recorded himself as coming inside the house. As he was walking through the house, Matthew wondered, “Why does it smell so good in here?” likely smelling a familiar hint of flowers, cotton, or, my personal favorite, lavender!

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Since Matthew knew his home was smelling extra fresh for a reason, his immediate thought was, “Something must have spilled.” He then searched for the source of the smell and eventually found a river of blue detergent from his laundry room.

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Matthew then walked through the laundry room and explained that the detergent was initially on his washer but fell and spilled across the floor. He then turned the camera to his dog, who innocently walked through the detergent, as viewers could see the pup’s blue paw prints on the floor.

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As Matt scolds his dog to “go, just go,” he slips and slides through the liquid, causing him to fall, or, in his words, “eat s---.” Fortunately, the TikToker was fine, but now he had the detergent on his leg and against the wall.

Despite the fall being wildly entertaining for those of us watching, it annoyed Matt even more. Toward the end of the TikTok, he admitted, "I don’t even know how to clean this up,” and confirmed the entire detergent spilled and the bottle was “empty.”

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The TikToker received sound advice from other users in similar situations.

Even though Matt kept his TikTok pretty lighthearted, given the circumstances, he was understandably floored (pun only slightly intended) by his messy laundry room. Fortunately, many users in his comment section felt his pain and offered tips on how they cleaned their floor when it was covered in colorful, scented gunk.

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“Soak every washcloth you own, throw in a bucket, then throw one washcloth in each load of laundry. No need to add soap,” one user suggested, cracking themselves up.

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“I’d start saturating sheets, blankets, laundry, pillows, and rugs in the detergent, and toss them in the washer. Can’t waste it!” a second user shared.

“DO NOT USE WATER!!” a third commenter begged. “Until you get most of it up. A dustpan, paper towels, and a squeegee.”

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