The Lavender Sharpie Drama on TikTok Is More Titillating Than an Episode of 'Gossip Girl'

Move over, HBO, because TikTok’s lavender Sharpie drama is the most entertaining saga in 2023 as Lavender breaks hearts and friendships.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Oct. 12 2023, Published 2:07 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • A TikTok account called @welovemarkers created an entertaining soap opera–like high school drama using Sharpie pens as characters.
  • The story begins when the new girl, Lavender, tries to break up the two most popular couples in school.
  • As the story continues, there's cheating, affairs, jealousy, friendship breakups, and more drama.
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Ah, what we wouldn’t give for the days of being bored in high school. Silly doodles, making up stories, and playing pranks took over our minds, but now, something beautiful has come out of this tradition. Someone, presumably in high school, created the TikTok page @welovemarkers, dedicated to telling a telenovela-like story of Sharpie pens.

It’s unclear who is behind the TikTok account but what is clear is that whoever created it has an eye for storytelling, drama, and humor. If they are a high school student, time to start looking at film school! And if the story of Sharpie High is confusing, don’t worry, because we’ve got it all figured out.

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The TikTok Sharpie drama begins when a new girl, Lavender, shows up.

The storyteller uses Sharpie pens to tell the story of these students, naming the characters after the pens’ colors. So it’s pretty easy to follow along. Basically, there are two power couples: Pink and Blue, and Mint and Purple. They’re all friends … until Lavender shows up. She’s “a homewrecker and a slut.”

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Lavender quickly befriends the popular kids, and the girls are surprisingly welcoming and nice to Lavender. But when the girls introduce Lavender to their boyfriends, she lives up to her “homewrecker” character description. She asks the guys to hang out after school, and the guys agree since “Lavender’s so hot.” Mint even comforts Blue, “It’s OK, bro, they won’t find out,” referring to their girlfriends.

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After school, Lavender kisses Blue and Mint. It’s very scandalous. And then, the greatest scandal of all — their caps come off! What does this represent? We don’t know exactly, but we have to assume it’s like taking off their clothes. Yes, Lavender made moves faster than the kids in Euphoria.

After their threesome antics, they agree to hang out again next Tuesday. But Pink and Purple are starting to get suspicious …

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Follow-up TikTok slideshows get even more scandalous in the Lavender Sharpie saga.

The next day, OP shared what happens after Lavender’s affair with Blue and Mint. On Tuesday, Lavender proposes an affair with the Black Sharpie pen, the teacher of the class, to fix her failing grade. When Mr. Black says, “I couldn’t, my wife…” Lavender reminds him, “You’re already cheating with Mrs. Brown, it would be a shame for that to get out.”

Lavender isn’t just a homewrecker, she’s a blackmailer too! So, Mr. Black agrees, “Tonight at 7, Lavender, don’t be late.” Pink and Purple try to set Lavender up with the Orange highlighter Sharpie (who’s not as hot, obviously), but Lavender decides to sleep with Pink and Purple’s boyfriends again, instead. However, the drama gets even more convoluted when Lavender and Mint accidentally switch caps.

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When Lavender shows up at Mr. Black’s classroom, she’s wearing Mint’s cap, but says, “Just don’t worry, let’s do this quick.” But then, Principal Black shows up and catches them in the act! Instead of calling the cops for underage sexual relations, he joins in when Lavender invites him into the action.

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Flash to: Blue and Mint go back to their girlfriends, but Purple immediately notices that Mint is wearing the wrong cap!

Lavender gets herself into trouble in the third part of the Sharpie saga.

It’s about time Lavender gets her comeuppance! The third part begins with Purple confronting Mint about his cap. Mint promises, “I must have mixed it up in the changing room after PE,” but Blue throws his buddy under the bus. As Blue finds his friend after the group conversation, Pink and Purple speculate that Lavender is the one whom Mint cheated with.

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Blue thanks Mint for not ratting him out, but Mint is understandably furious. As Blue and Mint get into it, the Yellow and Orange highlighters watch in the background. Lavender is tearing this friend group apart! As Blue and Mint fight, Blue tells the other guys, “He cheated on his girlfriend and he’s tryna frame me for s--t.” Turns out, Blue might be the worst one in this story.

As Mint and Lavender switch their caps back, Lavender worries that she’s been found out. Although Mint says that his ex-girlfriend was “too dumb” to know who it was, the rest of the pens watch in the background as it becomes clear. And they are mad. What’s going to happen next? We don’t know, but can HBO please turn this into a series?

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