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10 "Life Hacks" That'll Make You Roll Your Eyes, Like This Cutting Board "Trick"


Life Hacks: some of them are truly amazing. Like fitting a Phillips heads screw driver into a socket wrench to reach that impossible to turn screw, or using a piece of white bread to soak up any errant shards of glass that break on floor or carpet so you don't get a nasty surprise while walking around your house without socks or slippers.

But then there are some "hacks" that really aren't hacks: just a bunch of nerds trying to populate the internet with some useless information in the hopes of getting clicks. Like using an exacto knife in order to cut open that hard-to-penetrate plastic packaging that ends up gouging your fingers. That's not really a "hack" now is it, we shouldn't have to use specialized tools in order to merely open something that we paid for, that's utterly ridiculous.

Sadly, this trend of useless "life hacks" are still continuing on the internet. The latest culprit: the hole in a cutting board.

When you see this little hole on a cutting board, what do you think it's used for?

Source: twitter

If you said, "Why, it's a handle." Then ding ding ding! You're right. And you're not only right, but a level-headed, normal-thinking individual, at least when it comes to kitchenware.