R. Kelly's Assistant Said Alleged Victims Only Came Forward Because They "Didn't Get the Limelight"

Who is Lindsey Perryman-Dunn? R. Kelly's former assistant and her twin sister went on 'Surviving R. Kelly: The Reckoning' to defend him.

Shannon Raphael - Author

Apr. 16 2020, Updated 1:45 p.m. ET

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Though rumors about R. Kelly's predatory behavior had been whispered about in Hollywood for years, the beginning of true vindication for his victims resulted after the release of Season 1 of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly in 2019. 

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Before the docuseries aired, it was believed that the singer and producer would recruit underage women and groom them under the pretense that he would make them stars. It was also purported that he married singer Aaliyah when she was just 15, and that he had a penchant for raping the women he hired. 

After Season 1 of the show came out in January of 2019, a conversation and subsequent movement began to put Kelly behind bars. He was arrested on counts of sexual assault in February and May.

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The second season of the series aka Surviving R. Kelly: The Reckoning features commentary from those inside R. Kelly's inner circle — from his former stylists to his tour managers to other people in the music business who were privy to his behavior. While many of these people are discussing his illicit behavior, there are some who are defending his actions.

Who is Lindsey Perryman-Dunn to R. Kelly? Lindsey Perryman-Dunn worked as R. Kelly's personal assistant, and she even got a job for her twin sister too. The two victim-blamed his accusers in the series, and unveiled some bombshell words about his behavior. Read on to find out more about what she said on the show, and what her job was.

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Who is Lindsey Perryman-Dunn? She is R. Kelly's former assistant.

While multiple of R. Kelly's former employees are speaking out against the singer in the Lifetime docuseries, Lindsey Perryman-Dunn is doing the opposite. 

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Toward the end of the first episode of Season 2, the show begins to shift its focus from those who oppose R. Kelly to some of his supporters. One of the people in R. Kelly's corner is Perryman-Dunn, who was first hired by the singer as a studio manager in 1999. She eventually was promoted to his personal assistant, and later to his general manager. She ended her working relationship with him in 2007, but she had a positive experience with him in the eight years she was with him.

She explained on the show that she thinks she knows why his accusers came forward.  

"The women I saw in the docuseries were the type of women that Robert would have picked," she said. "And you know what they're upset about? That they didn't get the limelight until they were on Lifetime television." 

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Lindsey Perryman-Dunn's sister also worked for R. Kelly. 

In her interview for the show, Perryman-Dunn went on to explain that R. Kelly ultimately hired her sister to work for him. She was his employee for a year. 

Jen Emrich is Lindsey's twin sister. She also spoke about her experience working for R. Kelly, and it echoed the sentiments of her sister. 

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"When the docuseries aired, nobody wanted to listen to me unless I said something bad about R. Kelly, which was the popular thing to do," Emrich said. "What worked, for me, was to go on social media and use the hashtags 'R. Kelly' and 'Unmute R. Kelly.' and 'R. Kellz.' It started a whole movement. It worked."

Source: Lifetime
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Though there are many women who have shared their stories about specific incidents with the singer, Perryman-Dunn and Emrich still stand behind the man they worked for. 

The sisters addressed whether they created the "Surviving Lies" Facebook page. 

Emrich also commented about the Facebook page "Surviving Lies," which was created in response to the documentary. The page attempts to discredit and undermine the accusers from Season 1 of the Lifetime show, with photos and documents. 

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She said that she was not the creator of said site, but that she and R. Kelly were aware of its existence. 

"I certainly coached Rob to speak out, because Rob is not a fighter," she explained. 'And that's why this has gone so far. I do not know personally who put "Surviving Lies" together, but I am aware of it, and I definitely support that."

Source: Lifetime
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Perryman-Dunn chimed in as well about how she doesn't feel the victims in the docuseries have been acting appropriately.

"I feel that a victim of any crime needs to call 911. If you have been raped or victimized, you need to go to the emergency room immediately. You need to seek medical help. You see a psychiatrist. You need to get an attorney involved. You need to sue or get legal action," she said.

"I believe in the American justice system," she continued. "I do not believe in the justice system that's going on right now, which is just the public justice system. Right now, the public is prosecuting R. Kelly, not the police. Sitting here, today, with the new accusations — I don't believe them. And I don't believe I was involved in anything that had to do with pedophilia."

Parts 2 and 3 of Surviving R. Kelly: The Reckoning air on Jan. 3 and Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.  

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