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This 'Listen to Your Heart' Drinking Game Is Way Too Easy to Win



It's Monday, which means The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart is on, and one thing is for sure: We need a couple drinks to get us through this. Listen to Your Heart is the perfect show for a drinking game because, well, for some reason, we keep seeing the same things happen over and over again. Like, how many times can you really say "listen to your heart" when that's the title of the show? If you've got a spare bottle of wine or tequila (we won't judge ya if you go for the hard stuff), we have ideas. 

Some Listen to Your Heart drinking game rules.

For starters, when it comes to drinking games there really are no rules. That said, you can always make up "rules" on the fly. Also, the rules don't require alcohol! You can always use a substitute like apple cider, especially if you're watching with kids. Here are some phrases to get you started (just please drink responsibly!).

1. Every time 'A Star Is Born' is mentioned.

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For some reason, this happens a lot. And it's a bit odd, considering how sad the ending is (no spoilers!). 

2. When someone says they're "ready for love."

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Aren't we all! Drink up. 

3. When someone says they're they're looking for love or that they're falling in love.

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Well, like, duh. Yes, that's why you're on a reality TV show about finding love.

4. You see folks kiss in a hot tub.

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Sure, hot tubs are romantic. But why is everyone in a freakin' hot tub?

5. People sing and everyone cries.

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Singing is an emotional experience for sure.

6. When Chris Harrison says things are dramatic.

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Of course it's dramatic! It's The Bachelor as a musical! What did you expect, Chris?

7. When someone says the show is a "journey."


We really though people would stop calling things "journeys" by now, but we would be wrong.

8. When someone starts singing when they're not actually performing.

Okay, fine. When Trevor serenades Jamie it's actually pretty cute. 

9. A famous musician pops up out of nowhere.

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We'll be seeing Taye Diggs, Jewel, Toni Braxton, Jason Mraz, Kesha, Ashlee Simpson-Ross, Rita Wilson and more! These celebs will be giving their advice to the couples. 

10. You somehow start bawling even though you didn't think you would.

Three sips for that one! 

Watch Listen to Your Heart every Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC!

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