Guy Says Little Sister Was Bullied for Having a Non-Stanley Water Bottle

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Jan. 23 2024, Published 6:48 p.m. ET

We all know hydration is essential. Drinking more water can do wonders for your health and body from the inside out. But if you’re on TikTok or pretty much any other social media app, you’ll know people prefer a more aesthetically pleasing way to remain quenched — using a Stanley tumbler.

The Stanley craze began in 2023 and has had many in a chokehold. The heavy, stainless steel tumbler cups keep drinks insulated while helping many people meet their daily water goals.

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One of the main criticisms of the Stanleys is that you can get the same benefits the cups offer from water bottles that are half the price (a Stanley can range from $20-60). However, as one guy discovered, trying to buy a Stanley dupe won’t bode well with the brand’s fans.

While attempting to buy a non-Stanley bottle for his sister for Christmas, the guy got finessed into getting his sister what she originally asked him for. Keep reading for the full story!

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A guy on TikTok said his little sister got bullied at school because her water bottle wasn’t a Stanley.

Stanleys, like many trending phenomenon, gained popularity on TikTok. So, it seems fitting that some people go to the clock app to report whether they have one of the large tumblers in their possession or not.

One TikToker who goes by KobeBrian (@worstlyfe) said he is one of those people who can go without owning a Stanley. Kobe’s little sister, on the other hand, isn’t the same. In January 2024, Kobe shared how he bought his sister a tall water bottle for Christmas, with a red and black ombre color on the outer section of the bottle. Kobe admitted the water bottle wasn’t a Stanley, but it “gets the job done,” which was the most important part. To him.

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Kobe’s sister went to school several weeks later with the bottle he bought her. When she arrived home from school, she vowed never to use “that ghetto water bottle” again and told her brother she was being bullied by other kids for not having a Stanley.

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The TikToker eventually saved his sister from being bullied.

Kobe understandably thought his sister’s comment was “disrespectful” and told her he would return the bottle and get his money back. The next day, he took his sister to school, and sure enough, nearly everyone at her school had a Stanley cup attached to their little bodies “like a baseball bat.” To make things worse, Kobe said his sister’s friend was equally unimpressed by his non-Stanley bottle.

After agreeing to take his sister’s friend home, Kobe said the friend saw his gray water bottle and began laughing at it. At that moment, Kobe realized his sister might be on to something and decided to buy her the $45 Stanley she wanted.

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However, after buying the tumbler, Kobe wondered if his sister’s friend truly thought his bottle was embarrassing or if his sister told the friend to laugh at it so he would buy her a Stanley. If the latter was her plan all along, this girl can teach a class on finessing siblings!

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No one can blame little sis for wanting to be trendy.

Due to Stanley’s popularity, we think Kobe’s sister’s accusation of being bullied for not having one is true. We all remember being in school and yearning to have the one item everyone else has (did someone say password journal?). When we don’t get it, we feel isolated from those who do.

Several TikTok users agreed that Stanleys are currently ruling the world. Many have compared the cups to the Hydro Flask craze, including tumblers insulating drinks. Underneath the comments, several users shared how the kids in their lives are also being bullied for not owning one of the exceptionally priced cups.

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“That’s low-key wild, but my sister is going through the same thing,” one commenter admitted. “She tried stealing my Stanley because she got a Yeti, and her friends make fun of her.”

“Stanley is the new iPhone,” another mentioned.

“Bro, I refill plastic water bottles,” a very relatable commenter argued.

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