"I Gave You Mine" — Woman Pranks Mother With Little Hand After Wrist Surgery

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jul. 3 2023, Published 10:48 a.m. ET

After going through surgery, most folks expect to get through recovery with the help of their medical staff and family members. It’s a time to experience a bit of pampering before feeling good as new and returning home.

However, some folks prefer to add some fun into the mix via an incredibly planned prank. Case in point: This TikTok user.

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In a now-viral Tikok video with nearly 4 million likes, a woman concocted the little hand surgery prank on her mother. As you can imagine, social media users have been laughing through the comments ever since.

Here’s the 4-1-1 on the hilarious prank.

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A TikTok user planned the little hand surgery prank on her mom who just completed wrist surgery.

It’s safe to say that the family jokester always looks for an opportunity to strike. In a June 8, 2023, TikTok video, creator @kendyl.culpepper, shared a video of her and her siblings pranking their mother who had just undergone wrist surgery.

“I absolutely can’t,” the video caption reads.

As the video starts, Kendyl's sibling is seen in the video digging into her bag and taking out a fake little hand as the text reads, “Our mom had wrist surgery and…”

After letting out a wheezing laugh, Kendyl's sibling is seen standing over her mother who is in a hospital bed.

“Mom, did they tell you what happened?” Kendyl's sibling asked her mother.

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Her mom said no and gave her a concerned look.

“Your hand is fine, but they gave you mine,” Kendyl's sibling said as she showed the little hand placed in her sweater.

As her mother looked at her little hand in shock, she continued to explain what happened.

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“They couldn’t save yours, so I gave them mine,” Kendyl's sibling said in between chuckles. “It’s fine though. I can still read the bible and still cheer at ball games. It’s fine.

“And I’m not even left-handed so I can still write," Kendyl's sibling said as her mom looked over at her hand in an arm cast in the bed.

“I’m sorry,” the mom said.

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“It’s actually her left hand,” Kendyl said off-camera. “So it might be a little weird.”

“It’s probably a different ring size and stuff, but it’s fine, Kendyl's sibling added. There’s a callous on one of the fingers, sometimes it gets in the way, it’s a thing. But I hope you enjoy it.”

As the siblings chuckle, she assured her grief-stricken mother that it’s OK.

The mom continues to say that she’s sorry as Kendyl and her siblings chuckle. Making matters even more funny, Kendyl covers her mouth with her little hand as she laughed.

“What’s the matter?” the mom asked.

Kendyl and her siblings laughed and she said, “It’s the best they could do.”

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Kendyl’s mom then reaches for the small hand and asked how she was going to function with the small hand.

Kendyl said to the mother that “she can still text” with the little hand.

“But they did say that because they had to amputate your hand, you won’t have feeling in it for a little bit but it’ll come back,” Kendyl said off-camera.

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Kendyl's sibling then reassured their mom and said, “It’s fine. I didn’t have carpal tunnel,” and then started to laugh.

As the video ends, you see the mom wearing an arm cast and laughing hysterically as she holds the little hand in a car. So, the joke is officially out.

TikTok users are in shambles over the hilarious little hand surgery prank.

Leave it to TikTok to give users a hearty laugh. Thanks to Kendyl’s hilarious video, TikTok users are joining in on the fun and sharing their delight with her little hand prank.

“I love hearing people wheeze Laugh 😂 It makes it funnier 😂,” one person commented.

“Her face when you first showed the little hand. I’m crying,” another user shared.

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“It was the quicker beeps of her vitals for me 😂😂,” another person chimed in.

Thankfully, Kendyl’s mom can appreciate a well-thought-out prank and shared a laugh at the end once she found out.

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