A Woman Calls the Police After Finding Little Kids Left in a Car

Allison Hunt - Author

Nov. 30 2023, Published 10:47 p.m. ET

What would you do if you found two little kids sitting in a car by themselves? One woman on TikTok was so distraught that she called the police. Not all heroes wear capes.

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TikTok user @domioreo, who goes by Domi, recorded the whole incident and posted it on TikTok, imploring people not to leave their kids in cars.

We break down the video below.

A woman calls the police after finding little kids left in a car.

The video takes place in a parking lot with Domi addressing us directly and the words on the screen read, "bro... PLEASE STOP LEAVING YOUR LITTLE CHILDREN IN THE F------ CAR UNATTENDED!!! IT IS DEAD ASFF."

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The video opens with Domi passionately stating, "This is f------ ridiculous... There is a child left in the f------ car. I'm literally right next to the car right now. Left by herself in the f------ car seat."

Domi explains that it is cold outside, probably only 45 degrees. Domi then notices that there's another kid in the car as well. While we don't see the children for privacy reasons, there's a baby in a car seat as well as a toddler.

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Domi tells us that she called 9-1-1 because she isn't worried about anyone's kids being taken away. She explains that if the parents were worried about their kids being taken away, then they wouldn't have left them in the car by themselves.

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The police show up and while we don't see the interaction, we can hear Domi explain the situation to them. She turns the camera around so that we can see the police start to get the kids out of the car.

The video ends with Domi sitting in her car talking directly to the camera and saying that she doesn't care if anyone calls her a "Karen," and that she would never leave her kids in the car, "especially with sex trafficking going around."

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Domi also tells us that the dad shows up. He had taken the oldest child, a 14-year-old, into the store with him. He didn't even know that the toddler was in the car until the police were there. Talk about bad parenting!

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The caption for the video reads, "istg idgaf what y’all gotta say innem comments — DO NOT LEAVE UNDERAGED KIDS IN THE CAR ALONE‼️ if you’re under the age of 13, you shouldn’t be in a vehicle unattended. idc how quick your parents run into the store to grab some rice, STOP TS. people dgaf about what you doin’ when they’re breaking windows and kidnapping CHILDREN. STOP THAT S---."

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While Domi was expecting people to call her out for being a Karen, the people in the comments actually support her. One person wrote, "You did the right thing and I’m really proud of you for it," while another said, "You are NOT a Karen you did the right thing!!!"

We agree with Domi. A lot of people would have seen those kids and have been concerned, but wouldn't have done anything. She did something, and many people are thankful for her swift action, especially those kids.

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