Fathers Give Their Daughters the Wildest Names and Should Not Be Allowed to Do So Anymore

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Nov. 30 2023, Updated 11:35 a.m. ET

Giving a child their birth name is one of the first essential tasks a parent makes when the baby is born. Many parents think about their child’s name when they’re in utero and collaborate on the name. However, social media users have noticed that several parents opted to leave their baby’s name fates in the hands of their fathers.

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While this shouldn’t be an issue, fathers seemingly get a surge of creativity once they’re responsible for choosing the name by themselves. On TikTok, a user shared just how creative paternal figures can be.

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A woman revealed some of the wildest names fathers have given their daughters.

Although it may not be the name they stick with forever, it will follow them for the rest of their lives and is incredibly time-consuming to change legally. I’d like to assume all parents know this, but based on some of the names TikTok user Christal Luster @christalluster highlighted, I’m not sure everyone takes naming their babies seriously.

In November 2023, Christal reacted to a post she found from another creator that read, “Fathers should not be allowed to name their daughters.” And, before you think the post was bashing dads and male role models, Christal shared that the commenters in the post gave multiple examples to support the OP’s claim.

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Christal screenshotted several comments from daughters victimized by their father’s extraness. Some of the names, such as “Morgan Freeman,” “Beonyce” (which was supposed to be spelled as Beyonce), and “Javier” (I must note that Javier is a Black woman), seemingly came out of their father’s random mind.

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Then, some dads wanted their daughters to know they were forever connected to them genetically. In the comments, multiple women said they had a female version of their father’s name that was given to them at birth. The names included “Kirvacious” to match “Kirk,” “Lawren” to match “Lawrence,” and “Ronnae” to match “Ronnie.” Everybody’s creative!

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The creativity became unmatched towards the end of Christal’s video, as “Walt’ne’shia,” whose dad is named “Walter” “Curtice,” called “Curtis,” and, my favorite, the father named “Felix” who named his daughter “Felix Jr.” However, some fathers who couldn’t think of a name just went with someone they knew, like their parole officer. Because why not?

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Christal’s TikTok convinced her commenters that dads shouldn’t be involved in naming their daughters.

After seeing the horrendous names some fathers choose to name their daughters, I had two thoughts: 1. Thank goodness my mother took control and chose my name, and 2. I’m SO GLAD (in my best Robyn Dixon voice) that my wife and I won’t have these problems when we start having children.

Several commenters were also stunned by the names some fathers give their daughters. Some users couldn’t get over Javier, Kiwi Bacon, and other names Christal mentioned and said they deserved a complimentary legal name change.

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“I’m a firm believer that everyone should be legally entitled to one free name re-roll,” one commenter shared.

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Other commenters shared that they also have names their fathers “gifted” them. Or, at least, tried to.

“My dad’s name is Clifton, and my mom was tryna name me Cliffany,” a commenter wrote.

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“My dad is Leon... My name is Leona, and my sister's name is Leonetta. We Leon's kids,” another wrote.

“My name was supposed to be Pegasus. Thank God for my grandma stepping in,” a third fortunate user said.

Moral of the story: Ask what baby names a man has in mind on the first date, and run if he’s thinking of any of the ones similar to the ones Christal listed!

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