Florida Man Threatens Young Women on Black Friday by Banging and Kicking Their Car

Jamie Lerner - Author

Nov. 30 2023, Published 9:07 a.m. ET

We all thought Halloween was the scariest holiday of the year, but not anymore! People will go to extremes to get what they want on Black Friday. In 2023, one man was caught banging on a car because he didn’t get the parking spot he wanted. He banged on the windows, yelled at the two young women in the car, and kicked their car door so hard that it dented.

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It’s one thing to get upset about missing out on a parking spot, but it’s another thing to throw a hissy fit as a grown man. His behavior was so terrifying that the girls called the cops, who clocked it as an extremely serious situation. Now, thanks to the power of TikTok, the girls were able to share their story and uncover the man’s identity.

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A man was caught banging on a car on Black Friday because he didn’t get his ideal parking spot.

The story is kind of crazy. Luckily for us, TikToker @poopoodiq caught it all on tape. In the initial video of the incident, OP wrote, “Some dude freaking out after my best friend parked in a spot on Black Friday. We even waited for him to park there and he was holding up the line on his phone so we parked.”

The man shouts in their window, bangs on the window, and gets so close that he fogs up the glass. It would be terrifying for anyone, let alone two young women. When he refuses to walk away, instead glaring threateningly at the car, OP decides to call the cops. Her friend, the driver, is clearly scared and overwhelmed, so OP does all the talking.

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She calmly explains the situation to the police, who are on the line when the man then kicks in the driver’s door. It seems like he’s trying to get into the car and threaten the women, especially because his car is also blocking them from even pulling out of the spot. At this point, other people in the parking lot are watching and recording the scene, proving that the man is the one in the wrong here.

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In a follow-up video, OP shares that the man left when he realized that the cops were on their way. “We waited like 5 mins until we went inside and as we were walking inside the mall, we saw a Chandler Police car driving around,” OP wrote in the caption. “They never came over to the car from what we saw. We told the dispatcher that we didn’t want to file a report but asked him to take note of the situation and description in case of anything else involving him.”

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Eventually, through sharing on social media, they figured out that the man was Helder Silva of Palm Beach, Fla. While he may have been away from home during this incident, there’s no excuse to act the way he did.

People in the comments think OP and her friend should have pressed charges.

In any scary situation, it’s hard to know exactly how to react. OP and her friend decided not to press charges, likely because of the hassle and further trauma it could lead to between court cases and filing a report. Even still, if his kicking and banging dented their car, they have every right to claim financial compensation for the damages.

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People in the comments are encouraging OP and her friend to press charges and said that they would’ve had every right to pepper spray him. Because they were safe inside the vehicle, pepper spray might have caused more trouble than it was worth.

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Even still, this incident also brings up racial and gender dynamics. The cops asked on the phone if he was Black or Latino, and the girls explained that he was a white man in his late 50s or early 60s. Others in the comments also pointed out that he probably wouldn't have threatened men in the same way, which I can’t help but agree with.

It’s clear that at least some older white men think they have some sort of power or right over young women, especially in this case. And when we learned that he was from Florida, all the puzzle pieces fell into place.

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