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'Little Women: Atlanta' Star Andrea Salinas' Kids Are Growing Up Quickly



Things are already beginning to heat up for the ladies of Little Women: Atlanta whose fifth season on Lifetime began just last week. This season will dive deep into the world of Atlanta's famed hip-hop scene and see the little women try to make a big name for themselves in the rap game.

The Cheeks, Briana Barlup, and Emily Fernandez are all coming back to A-Town to take on their longtime foes, Andrea and Amanda Salinas, AKA the Tiny Twins. But before you dive into the rest of the season, many fans are dying to know what's going on with Andrea's kids, who she keeps putting before the twins' new business opportunities.

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Who are Andrea Salinas' kids?

Little Women: Atlanta might focus more on Andrea's twin sister Amanda, probably because she brings in a lot of the club and hip-hop industry drama to the show, and fans love seeing her relationship with new husband Jordan Castillo bloom. But Andrea, almost 26, has a lot of drama of her own.

If you've seen even one episode of Little Women: Atlanta, you know that Andrea's relationship with on-and-off boo Chris Fernandez is constantly rocky — at best. At the end of each season, he seems to find another reason to head back to Texas and leave Andrea to take care of their three kids alone.

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"Smh you have to be the dumbest Little Woman on the show to keep popping out babies with a man who doesn't want you," wrote one fan on social media when Andrea first announced she was pregnant with her third child. "I heard that Chris has children back home and that's why he keeps leaving!"

Regardless of their current relationship status, Andrea is the proud mother of three children she has with Chris: André, 6, Aubrey, 2, and Anaya, 1. All three kids have achondroplasia dwarfism, like their mother Andrea who stands at 3-feet-10-inches tall.

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André just celebrated his 6th birthday on April 1st. When he was born, André was very sick and almost died. He was later diagnosed with a lung disease and went to Texas to live with Andrea's parents, who could take better care of his health issues. 'I'm up screaming so loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ANDRE!" wrote Little Women co-star Minnie Ross on Instagram to congratulate him earlier this week.

Two-year-old Aubrey, whose godmother happens to be Minnie Ross herself, made her first appearance on Little Women: Atlanta during Season 2. She's Andrea's middle child, and big sister to Anaya, who was born on December 21, 2017. "Chris and I are so excited to be pregnant again," she told People back when she was expecting.

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"Andre and Aubrey are the loves of our lives and will be the best siblings to baby No. 3. We can’t wait to find out the gender and are even more anxious to hold him/her," she said. Because her relationship with Chris was rocky at the time, she briefly considered putting Anaya up for adoption, but later decided to raise her youngest daughter herself. "I love you so much my tiny," Andrea shared on Facebook last summer.

Watch Little Women: Atlanta on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime, and see if Andrea's kids make a splash on the hit reality show.

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