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Source: A&E

Will Your Hometown Be One of the New Cities Featured on 'Live PD'?


As morbid and weird as this might sound, I felt a strange sort of pride/familiarity when I saw that Live PD featured officers from Paterson, NJ. Despite the fact that they rescued a man who was caught beneath a NJ Transit train and sustained some grisly injuries, the first thing I thought was, "Yo! I know exactly where that is!" The second was, "Oh man, that dude is messed up."

Soon, however, more viewers are going to get to have that same experience because Live PD is adding four new departments.

What new cities' departments will be featured on Live PD?

It seems like new officers and cities are constantly being featured on cable's highest rated program, so much so that it's difficult to keep up. The producers of the show are always looking out for fresh, new departments they can depict on the program. One of the newer groups of officers that'll be featured on the show is the Terre Haute Police Department in Indiana.