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Will Your Hometown Be One of the New Cities Featured on 'Live PD'?



As morbid and weird as this might sound, I felt a strange sort of pride/familiarity when I saw that Live PD featured officers from Paterson, NJ. Despite the fact that they rescued a man who was caught beneath a NJ Transit train and sustained some grisly injuries, the first thing I thought was, "Yo! I know exactly where that is!" The second was, "Oh man, that dude is messed up."

Soon, however, more viewers are going to get to have that same experience because Live PD is adding four new departments.

What new cities' departments will be featured on Live PD?

It seems like new officers and cities are constantly being featured on cable's highest rated program, so much so that it's difficult to keep up. The producers of the show are always looking out for fresh, new departments they can depict on the program. One of the newer groups of officers that'll be featured on the show is the Terre Haute Police Department in Indiana.

The THPD hinted they'd be featured on the show earlier in the year, and then officially announced they'll be making their small-screen debut this weekend. Between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m., anywhere from three to five Terre Haute PD officers will volunteer to have their shifts broadcast to all of America. The current agreement with Big Fish productions is set for a year and can be renewed if the THPD so chooses.

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The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office based out of South Carolina is also entering the Live PD fold this weekend. Sheriff Duane Lewis was excited to share the news, and made the following announcement: "We’ve made a name for ourselves as a premier law enforcement agency in South Carolina."

He continued: "“But now we get to show the nation. Citizens, elected officials, and deputies have all asked about joining Live PD. I’m glad to see it coming to fruition." I'd like to imagine that he was beaming with pride and joy while saying all of that. Berkeley County PD is the third department from South Carolina to be featured on the show.

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The third police department that'll be making an appearance on the popular cable program is Van Buren County PD in Michigan. While Live PD is about as it real as it gets for reality TV, that doesn't mean producers aren't looking for characters, and VBCPD definitely has at least one of those in Sheriff Daniel Abbott. He'll regularly don his uniform and do "grunt" or "rookie" work, which includes making traffic stops and helping folks out on the snow.

He talked about his willingness to get down and dirty, "When you come in and put the uniform on and do the job, I'm not your typical sheriff. I'm a working sheriff and I told folks if you elected me to office, I'm not just going to be an administrative sheriff, I'm going to stay involved." Earlier in the year, he couldn't sleep at 3 a.m. so he decided to go on patrol and ultimately found himself in a high-speed car chase that led to the arrest of a very bad man.

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The fourth new PD that'll be featured is the Jefferson County Police Department out of Alabama. Deputy Chief David Agee said in an interview with that he's really excited to show the rest of the world how helpful the officers in their district are towards the citizens they've promised to protect and serve.

"The objective is to show the public our everyday work. Not just taking people to jail but also how we help people. We’re excited it about it." Sheriff Mark Pettway added, "The people of Jefferson County want to know that we are working hard for them every day. By showing our citizens on live TV what we do, what we endure and how we care about and serve the people is the best way for us to continue to build viable relationships in the county."

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So that brings the total number of police departments featured on the program to a whopping 12. Are you more excited than ever to check out the different issues that officers, in real time, from all parts of the country are faced with on Live PD? Or are you a COPS loyal who'll never watch another reality police TV program?

New episodes of Live PD air Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m.

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