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Source: Luke Fontana

Liza Koshy Is Hosting a New Dance Show With a Stage That Moves to the Beat


When word first spread of Quibi, a new short-form mobile video platform, we were mostly just excited to watch Chrissy's Court, a small claims court show hosted by Twitter's favorite comedic celebrity Chrissy Teigen

But now we're dying for the premier of Liza Koshy's show in 2020. On Nov. 22, it was revealed that YouTube star Liza Koshy is going to be hosting a dance competition that's unlike any other out there.

Liza's show — which is called Floored — combines the techniques and teamwork that we admire in World of Dance with an almost obstacle course-like challenge feature like in Wipeout. In addition to trying to execute flawless performances, Floored teams will also have to navigate a moving stage that could throw them off at any second.

Intrigued? Read on to find out what Liza Koshy's new show Floored will be about.